Three men ‘planned to attack English Defence League’

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EDL rally in Dewsbury The alleged target was the EDL, who had held a rally in Dewsbury earlier that day

Three men from Birmingham have appeared in court accused of plotting to attack members of the English Defence League.

Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, and Mohammed Hasseen, 23, all from Sparkhill, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on terror charges.

They were arrested in raids last week after police stopped a car on the M1 and found guns, knives, machetes and a home-made explosive device.

The case has been sent to the Old Bailey for a hearing on 31 July.

Mr Uddin, Mr Khan and Mr Hasseen are charged under the Terrorism Act 2006, accused of preparing for an act or acts of terrorism with the intention of committing such acts.

They are accused of manufacturing an improvised explosive device, as well as acquiring firearms and other weapons, and vehicles connected with their alleged plans.

The arrests, by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, followed a routine police stop of a vehicle on the M1 near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, on 30 June.

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8 Replies to “Three men ‘planned to attack English Defence League’”

  1. Three ‘Holy Warriors’ in an uninsured Renault Laguna carrying weapons and IED’s
    on a Motorway in the UK where both the gantry cameras and Plod are real-time connected to the computerised ‘Number Plate Recognition System’ whereby the Road Tax and insurance status of any vehicle can be determined within seconds cannot constitute a particularly serious threat to us, nor ensure them their desired entrance into that Holy Brothel in the sky.

    However their few, undetected and slightly smarter brothers and cousins who remain carefully below the radar do. Profile. Profile. Profile.

  2. More and more, Muslims aren’t relying on the Left to attack “fascists”. The very fact that the police stopped the terror attack will be used by the Left to prove the police are in the cahoots with the “fascists”, and that the Left is the true resistance to the System. They forget that the “fascists” do not use violence, while the Muslims and the Leftists do.

  3. The BBC was more honest then I expected it to be.

    Seneca an Italian criminologist once said (No I don’t remember his name) that not only does crime pay it pays well, after all we only catch the dumb crooks. That applies to the terrorists also, we only catch the dumb ones.

  4. The BBC reporting Muslims + terrorism against the FAR RIGHT EDL?

    Something is amiss. Maybe the BBC is worried that Muslims could ruin the Olympic party.

  5. DP11 you are correct sir.

    It’s been reported in the last few days that the brits are finally taking their thumbs out and rounding up “potential terrorists” because of the Olympics. For “potential terrorists” read “actual terrorists that they were too wussified to arrest before”.

  6. The probable reason is that the politicians are afraid of a voter backlash if an attack is successful during the games.

  7. I strongly suspect the insurance detecting camera business is typical HRMBS meant to keep MI-5, or the real capabilities of the police out of the papers, and that these filth had already been under close observation. It’s about fucking time the Brits took their thumbs out.

    Now let’s pack these little bastards off to Uzbekistan for a warm bath.

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