Valls worries about (newborn antisemitism) in our suburbs

The Parisian:

Translation by Bear

Manuel Valls, minister of the interior has invited Muslims to construct an Islam-of-France independent of all foreign tutelage calling to an end of “divisions” and to put in place “a serene dialogue” between the leaders of the Muslim cult and public powers.

“There are in our neighborhoods, some youths and some not so young, that in the name of an identity that would feel threatened decide in the most imbecile manner, the most dangerous for our values to attack our Jews. They consider the Jew to be enemy”

He is a guest this Sunday of Radio J, the minister of the interior, Manual Valls, has worried about “a new antisemitism” for many years.

The minister analyzes: “we do not hesitate today to insult, to hit a citizen because he is a Jew in the name of his cultural identity.” The minister recommends prudence before blaming what he describes as an outbreak of intolerable antisemitism. “But without a doubt, unfortunately, in weak spirits who preach this hatred, what has happened may have given license to hateful words.”

The minister is questioned by Radio J while the two presumed assaulters of a teenager of Jewish persuasion in a train were being questioned for violence this Saturday. […]

The victim, a 17 year old, is schooled at the School Ozar Hatorah De Toulouse where Mohamed Mera had killed  3 kids and a Jewish father in March.

Manuelle Valls had shared Thursday his most severe condemnation after that violent assault. The question of the antisemetic character of the aggression remains unanswered.

The question to know of the report, is if the notable reason for youth attacks claims to Islam, Manuel Valls has answered: “I fear it”

But Valls is also called to “be careful within all terms – not to stigmatize other French. To not throw disgrace on co-citzens, notably of Muslim persuasion.”





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  1. We will have to see what happens to Mr. Valls. We still don’t know if this is his opinion or an official government one. He may be a renegade for all we know.

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