New Egyptian TV station

Of course, the purpose of it will be to make sure women study nothing but their subservient role to men, using the proxy of Islamic teachings to hammer that message home. Unless that doesn’t work. Then of course they will use an actual hammer.

Hey when the Beatles wrote Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, was there any Arabic names in the lyrics?

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10 Replies to “New Egyptian TV station”

  1. It just never, ever stops……from the sublimely ridiculous to the ridiculously sublime to the shocking to the outrageous to the stunning to the barbaric to the horrific… never stops…

    And yet in all of that you will have the useful idiots like Justine Trudeau making apologies for the killers who boarded the bus in Pakistan and started killing……(video below)……and now when you go to the website you can see the comments excusing the madness and butchery.


    Muslims are the horse’s ass of humanity and this is just another knee slapper…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Really, what’s the point of an anonymous blob of black on tv? It may as well be the radio, at least then the voice won’t be muffled.

  3. Avian Porcine:

    I think Islam requires women to wear one of those pool-ball-gags when on the radio.

    As Koran says, “you shall muffle and silence what Allah has muffled and silenced”

  4. What is the problem? If women like to cover their faces, that is their business. It is however, weird, that only “free” women are covered. After all, you have to guard your possessions.

  5. I do like this but will KKK women also be allowed to come on and give their point of view. Perhaps they could do a special where the Marya women fly to a Klan rally and talk to the KKK women about why it is important to hate Jews etc I know Klan women are not too fussed if their hair spills out on to their shoulder so that could be dealt with by the Marya women pointing out this essential difference. I really do not mind women covering up their faces but I do want equality of treatment for the KKK. I am not racist, I am just trying to make a point.

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