Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s letter to Putin

Open letter to Putin from Evin Prison Iran:

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July 08, 2012

Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s letter to Putin

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Pourzand

Excellency Mr Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,

Please accept my most sincere greetings. I apologize in advance for not being able to personally deliver this letter of woe and hardship; thus I dispatch it to you in the form of a public petition, from within my prison cell in Tehran’s Evin prison. I write this open letter to be documented and embedded in the pages of contemporary history; maybe it’s reflections will ripple to the Kremlin and meanwhile, touch each reader’s humanity on it’s way to you. I leave it to your conscience to judge our regretful situation.


I am an independent clergyman in Iran who over a seven year period, has been attacked by the Iranian regime’s military and security agents, at the behest of their special clerical intelligence services. They have brutalized a large number of my family and relatives, as well as hundreds of my supporters, almost all of whom have been imprisoned and tortured in the secret Evin prison wards. My 6 month old granddaughter was even abused  in order to coerce her mother to confess to inappropriate and false assertions. And finally my devout elderly mother was driven to her grave under the constant threat and pressure exerted by the Iranian regime.

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