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7 Replies to “muslims with guns & bombs arrested on way to EDL demo”

  1. Poor old Britain, buggered from pillar to post. Still, that is what Labor wanted for the nation. Beds made and must be slept in and all that.

  2. I feel it is only a matter of time until some islamist/muslim/ moderate or what ever you wish to call them starts the bombing of UK institutions and groups it does not agree with. Civil war is just around the corner not just in the UK but across Europe. Society has been splintered and confused with moral relatavism until few people know right from wrong. This plays in the hands of the muslims because for them it isn’t confusing or difficult to make decisions. They have the Koran which compels them to kill us or tax us as second class citizens. This isn’t going to happen and when people finally wake up there will be a horrible time for all of Europe. The west has imported the ideology of suicide bombers into their home. MI6 or who ever will not be able to stop them when they start and it becomes cmmon practice for them. The USA is still taking muslims in and destroying their constitution thanks to the PC model they kindly gave the world. Europe time to wake up, take a look at the security for the olympics- a sporting event to bring people together has lead to a small army of police, soldiers and secret agents fully modilised to stop bombs and the killing of inocennt lives. Just to put it into perspective, If only 5% of muslims are extremists then 5% of 1.5 billion muslims is aot of angry killers

  3. hktony the civil wars will be all around the world, not just in Europe. Also they will not be like most civil wars, it is unlikely they will consist of armies meeting on the battlefield, they will be more like asymmetric war with the both sides attacking the others strong points with guerrilla raids and car bombs. There will probably be assassination groups from both sides targeting anyone who is effective in fighting them.

  4. How is that not happening already? If we listed the number of countries in which open warfare of guerrilla or terrorist nature is happening already, would it not exceed WW2?

    And the fact that Western nations is sort of winning at the twisted game of ‘Whack-A-Mole’ that it is playing with terrorists doesn’t mean it isn’t happening here. It just means we stopped it before the bombs went off.

  5. The definition of civil war that I am using is two or more groups attacking each other and the government, by this definition the civil wars in the west haven’t started yet. Yes we are fighting a massive asymmetric war all around the world, yes the territory covered is approaching that covered in WWII. No the casualties aren’t anywhere near one major battle in WWII.

    For the most part the people who are attacking aren’t westerners, they are foreigners who happen to be living in the west, yes I know in some/many cases they were born in the west but they weren’t raised western so they more or less count as foreigners. The wars are going to be much bigger and bloodier then we have seen so far, and there is a very high probability that race will play a factor in the wars. We are seeing this in the US in the big cities as some blacks decide to be free lance socialist and take their welfare directly ignoring the government middlemen.

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