The ‘Jihad at Home’ Case: New UK Terror Trial

 World Affairs Journal:

“Almost nightly he was using the laptop,” police officer Paul Brereton told the court, “and described how on a standard night she would be massaging oil into his feet while he would look at this [extremist] material.

”The trial of Shasta Khan, which opened in Manchester, England, last week, relates to an alleged plot to carry out a bombing campaign against the city’s Jewish community. Her husband, Mohammed Sajid Khan, 33, has already pleaded guilty. The prosecution alleges that couple began “to make preparations to carry out a terrorist attack on British soil, with the most likely target being an Orthodox Jewish area in Prestwich. Between them they made preparations, and acquired substances bought in supermarkets and information to help them in making explosives, and began the process of assembling an improvised explosive device.”

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One Reply to “The ‘Jihad at Home’ Case: New UK Terror Trial”

  1. Vlad

    You cant blame Muslims for carrying out Jihad. It is in their religion, and all they are doing is being faithful to it.

    The fault lies with our politicians who allowed ready access to Infidels by allowing Muslims into the West. Muslims have made it abundantly clear that is their intent to carry out Jihad , and if we choose to ignore it, then it is our fault.

    In the final analysis though, it is our fault for electing these politicians over and over again.

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