Various articles about Islam in Europe and sneaking halal and sharia on us all

Boycott Halal:

This article shows how complex the issue of trying to determine if your food was slaughtered and prepared in accordance with Western democratic animal non-cruelty laws (and possibly standards of cleanliness) is in the UK and EU.

Jihad Watch:

An important article de-spinning the nonsense about Malaysia being an example of a Muslim state that is somehow not awful.

Bournemouth Echo:

Two Muslim men Knighted for assisting women in distress.

Naw just kidding. Arrested for rape.


Church of England to vote to ban members of the clergy from belonging to the BNP. I wonder what kind of dogs they are allowed to have. Cars?

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4 Replies to “Various articles about Islam in Europe and sneaking halal and sharia on us all”

  1. It is very surprising that Counter-Jihadists don’t use the existence of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, and others to prove that whether Counter-Jihad is racism is completely irrelevant, as you can convert from Islam. Nevertheless, Muslims have a habit of calling Counter-Jihadists White Supremacists, and adress to non-Muslims as “whites”. Don’t let them get away with it. Don’t let yourself be called “white”. Always stress the existence of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, that, at least females, can convert from Islam.

  2. @Columnist

    There are two things wrong with your logic:

    First: the left isn’t logical, the left doesn’t think, so when you tell them there conception of racism or discrimination isn’t logical, or ask them if they would go out into the woods where bears life knowing that the chance that a bear would get them is only 0,001% and then they answer they wouldn’t and then you tell them the chance of getting mugged on the street by a Muslim or black is far more likelier – you don’t get through to them.

    They just act like your trying to trick them – reaching something through a logical conclusion is like trying to trick someone to them. Because to them there is no independent truth reached through logic, only there ideology.

    Secondly: Islam is the religion of colored people who hate the west, because Muslims have made it that way. Most Muslims are short, dark colored, some have hooked noses, some flat headed, some round headed others are slant eyed… etc.

    When someone from that culture looks at the west and our prosperity, white and clean woman, great soccer-teams, technology and sciences, our beautiful cathedrals and arts and our great universities, they say to themselves: I might be short, dark and poor and my life has no purpose, but at least i am a Muslim at that makes me better then rich, intelligent, handsome and brave white people.

    This also works with oriental people as well – many Chinese people in the Netherlands are wealthy, educated and hard-working: Guess who many Muslims, Hindu’s and blacks like to make fun off? Yup, the Chinese.

    I am still surprised how much many colored groups love saying hateful things about Chinese people, this is one of the reason i belief they say such horrible things about me as a white person – because Chinese people stand the closest to European people so they hate them.

  3. The Church of England…….a festering sore of corruption and duplicity…

    Run by that insufferably, complicit, boot licking bearded worm Rowan Williams….

    If there ever was a man who so richly deserved to suffer the fate of Thomas Becket… is Rowan Williams…..whose crime differs from Becket’s in that he has abandoned his parishioners and England in his capitulation to, and alliance with, the muhammadans…


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. those chinese just make use of the West to make money. they are in fact no more hardworking than others. such myth should not be perpetuated. Many Chinese do have too many unreported bad traits. those chinese should not continue to exploit and bully the whites, black and moslems to selfishly enrich themselves.

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