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72 Replies to “Video on Swedish policy of population replacement”

  1. Girls mature earlier now and in Western countries than ever before in history. The reason is better nutrition and medical care. The farther back in history you go, the later onset of puberty, as well as the nations that have the worst food availability as well as general knowledge of nutrition etc. the later the onset of puberty.

    This is the scientific fact. It is also the reasoning behind the facts.

  2. Some people argue that: Until the industrial revolution, we had children and adults, we didn’t have this special in-between time called the teens. Life was shorter and adulthood began early. Old enough to reproduce = adult.

  3. Check: http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/32454

    Preteen marriages were never common in the Western World (Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe, or even among the Semitic peoples of the Near East). They did happen, of course, though usually only among royalty and nobility, and the marriages weren’t consumated until much later: e.g., Julius Caesar and his first wife were married at 10 and 7 respectively

  4. Thank you Eeyore. This “Fair Man or Ahmad” fellow almost sounds like he’s been imbibing too much Dr. Zakir Snake’s “Deobandi Naik Oil,” or is it “Naik’s Deobandi Snake Oil?”

    I’m so confused, lol.

  5. This was posted by a blog visitor:
    “When I was a young girl, my friend, an Armenian, introduced me to her mother, who had married at age 12. This was not uncommon. In the past, people married much earlier. There were no other options.”

    Especially the rich people in ancient times, who could afford marriage costs, married earlier

  6. Read about Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs:

    “some girls married as early as, or soon after, puberty, that is between I 2 and I 4. Pre-puberty marriages, however, were quite customary in the royal families”

  7. And this quote about ROMANS:
    “Diet is a major factor in the age at which puberty is reached. A diet enjoyed by the upper classes, high in protein and fats, would likely result in puberty being reached at age 12 or 13 for girls, perhaps even earlier, and a year or so later for boys. The poorer classes would have a later onset, closer to the age of 17 or 18.”

  8. Romeo and Juliet were played to be 14. And ‘Fair Man’ uses the rather tawdry rhetorical device of trying to confuse marriage with the physical process of puberty. People can be married at 2 days old if some religious or political person cares to mumble the right words over them.

    Puberty is a physical process and not connected in the way ‘Fair Man’ attempts to do so.

    How old people are when they marry may, or may not be indicative of the age of puberty. The age at which they actually bear children, now that is meaningful.

    There are a couple of sects of Islam which indeed are far less horrifying than the stuff we see the effects of every day. I believe the Amediah sect or what have you is not as pernicious at this time. So much so, they are often slaughtered wholesale by more traditional Muslims in Indonesia I believe it is.

    They are slaughtered as apostates specifically because they do not follow the dark and horrifying path set out for them by Mohamed’s imaginary friend, ‘Gabril’ or some such fiction, who was said to dictate the koran to him.

    Many people I know feel we should support these sects and try to use that to wedge Islam overall away from what those who read this site know, is what Islam actually is.

    There is a logic to this. But it is the official position of the Bush and OBama admins as well as the UK and the rest of Western Europe and it has bee a dress rehearsal for a catastrophe.

    The facts remain that Islam is what it does and what it claims it is. That the scriptural support for all the horror they commit world wide and throughout their history is solid. That any attempt to try and prove otherwise usually boils down to a couple of out-of-context quotes from the early parts of the Koran which were all abrogated by commands to Jihad and slaughter.

    I haven’t read much of ‘Fair Man’ so I can’t say if this is taqyyia or worse, Mohamed’s process of offering a chance to submit to his (Islamic) rule and if refused, then there is a legal basis for war. Maybe he is of the one or two decent sects of Islam.If so I wish him well. But he is in more need of Kevlar clothing than I am if this is the case. And I suspect he knows it.

  9. Mike:

    He actually had sex with a 6 year old girl. He had normal genital penetrative sex with her at 9. The Ayatollah wrote extensively on the various sexual practices of that arsehole Mohamed and his didelings of children. Look up ‘Islam and thighing’ sometime. Make sure you haven’t eaten recently.

  10. No problem. This matter can be explained. I am happy to see your interaction and interest to know more.
    For the matter of marriage: I’ve stated information, not opinions about the matter. Science and ancient books and old people knew the facts that I put in the comments. Puberty is before marriage. Have you checked any of the websites?

    I want you to agree with me that me and you are seeking the fact and the truth. If it proved that Islam is bad, I’ll leave it and if it’s the best, you are going to believe in it. Do you agree as fair?
    I know you may think it couldn’t happen that Islam is good and peaceful, but to be fair, I think one should agree

  11. I began to doubt that you are a Muslim Shiaa-12 as per your quoted text:
    “The Ayatollah wrote extensively on the various sexual practices of that arsehole Mohamed and his didelings of children. Look up ‘Islam and thighing’ sometime. Make sure you haven’t eaten recently.”
    Why do you use their wicked books??
    Why not go to a peaceful and honest website: http://english.islamway.com/

  12. You can say that most people who are called “Ayatollah” are full of evil and hatred. I agree with you that even their books are themselves crimes.

  13. For your comment ” I haven’t read much of ‘Fair Man’ ”
    I’ve learnt that, as long as you have 2 ears and eyes, but 1 mouth, you should listen and read more than talk. My apologies if I didn’t explain the matter well.

  14. For your comment:
    “People can be married at 2 days old if some religious or political person cares to mumble the right words over them.”. It’s a shame if it’s done. No doubt.

  15. @Fair Man. Piggies Ahmad, piggies!! You must bow down to the power of PORK!!

    Now get thee to IHOP and scarf down some Piggies in a Blanket, NOW!!!!


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