SUN TV theorizes about Montreal Murder…

I have a theory of my own. First, the SUN clip which speculates wildly about the reasons for neighbors not calling authorities.

So I decided to look up the killing and see if anywhere in the media it bothers to mention the killer’s name in case there might be a clue as to motive…

Ahmad Nehme was arrested after a woman was discovered stabbed to death

By James Mennie, The Gazette July 6, 2012
Ahmad Nehme appeared in Quebec Court Friday afternoon, he will return to court July 16 to face a charge of first degree murder.

Ahmad Nehme appeared in Quebec Court Friday afternoon, he will return to court July 16 to face a charge of first degree murder.

Photograph by: SPVM

MONTREAL – A 48-year-old man arrested after a woman was discovered stabbed to death Thursday in what police describe as a domestic dispute will return to court July 16 to face a charge of first-degree murder.

Ahmad Nehme appeared in Quebec Court Friday afternoon in a white T-shirt, sweatpants, slippers and handcuffs as the charge was read into the record. Looking dazed and disoriented beneath a thatch of salt-and-pepper hair, Nehme spoke only to tell Judge Gilles Cadieux he had chosen defence lawyer Franco Schiro to represent him.

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13 Replies to “SUN TV theorizes about Montreal Murder…”

  1. Ok…..going out on a limb here folks…..brace your selves!!!!…..just more Laird, wild-eyed, baseless, fact less, historically inaccurate, islamophobic, racist, intolerant, narrow minded, conservative, red neck, right wing Christian extremist, accusatory speculations…….


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. I’ve seen a bunch of parents with children watch a man drag a naked screaming woman out of a culvert and not one of the more than 20 people present lifted a finger. It wasn’t because they thought someone else would do it because no one was doing anything. And yes, we rescued her and took the poor bleeding woman to the hospital.

    I also know of a woman who lived next door to a woman who was being murdered by her boyfriend. She could tell by the screams this was no run of the mill beating but was too worried about her own fat hide to do anything about it. but when the apartment was left unlocked she took relieved the poor dead woman of the air conditioner she would no longer need.

    These incidents , especially the first one turned me into a misanthrope. My respect for people died that day and anytime I witness a selfless or heroic act I consider it an exception rather than the rule because I know, firsthand the majority are cowards who only care about themselves. Police, firefighters, emergency personnel excepted.

  3. Partially this is caused by cowardice, but you also have to add the left teaching people not to do anything but let the professionals do it.

    On the cowardice issue in nations/cities/states where guns are tightly controlled the unarmed people are often afraid to interfere since they don’t have the tools to defend themselves and are often at more risk from the police then the criminals if they do defend themselves.

  4. dymphna thank you, the true test of anothers intelligence is how much they agree with you. By this standard you are very intelligent.

  5. Don,

    Yes, ‘honour killing’ seems an oxymoron.

    But, the notion of ‘honour’ is what motivates the killer.

    Do I find anything sexual about murder?
    Of course not.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that someone like Paul Bernardo is a ‘sexual killer’.

  6. Those of you who are so willing to make excuses & apologies for the cowards who won’t raise a finger to help others would feel differently if you had to observe such a situation or if it happened to someone you love. I doubt then you’d be so “understanding’ and forgiving. Most people are cowards and will cover their asses rather that risk them and if you find yourself in a dire situation be prepared to defend yourselves because you CANNOT count on someone coming to your rescue.

  7. why religion is to blame and not the individual in this case ? look at Paul Laplante the former mayor in Quebec who murdered his wife and later killed himself, O.J Simpson, Robert Blake and many more..I’m not saying Islam is a peaceful religion because it’s not nor is christianity or judaism, all religions have had their share in some sort of unjustifiable killing.

  8. Because only Islam considers it OK to kill your wife or children. Check Reliance of the Traveler, section on killing without retribution.

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