Pamphlets with behaving rules being distributed in the Emirates

I think some of us should print some pamphlets advising newcomers how to behave in Western secular (post Christian if preferred) democracies. Of course you would end up on hate-crimes charges in a heartbeat if you did it. But it should still be done. Just well worded and kind sheets of paper advising people that they must be tolerant of public affection, the authority of non-Muslims and women-non-Muslims must be respected, that public affection is permitted to a degree as is homosexuality etc.

I know that Holland actually shows newcomers a video about this stuff. I don’t think anything like it exists in Canada. But anyway, here is the UAE version of this program.

Translation by Hermes:

From Bild.De

Just before Ramadan, tourists arriving to the UAE are being given recommendations on how to behave properly in the islamic country. 
The 12-language pamphlets, among them also german, are being distributed in the airport and in hotels, according to a report from the newspaper “The National”. The goal is to give a sense of security to the visitors and spare them unnecessary punishments, a leading official explained to the newspaper.
Among others, the recommendations warn against the consumption of alcohol in places other that those authorized (for this), drug possession, driving under the influence of alcohol, prostitution, begging, vagrancy and other offenses against “local values and traditions”. During ramadan, visitors are requested to abstain from eating, drinking and smoking in public places. They are further requested to abstain from displaying signs of affection and to dress in an ethical way.

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  1. I suggest a pamphlet given to all Muslims residents and Muslim visitors who will be around for Christmas:

    “During the festive season all visitors must show signs of good cheer and good will to their fellow man. If offered an alcoholic beverage, kindly accept the gift as otherwise you may offend. Be sure to join in festive activities such as carol singing and partying. Over the New Year celebrations it is polite at the stroke of midnight for males and females to kiss, hug or shake hands and wish each other a Happy New Year.”

    This could go on and on…. but you get the idea.

  2. I think its a good idea to give Muslims coming to our country a pamphlet telling them that this is America and we follow the constitution and that its not wise to expect us to allow sharia law to be practiced in this country. Also tell them we don’t like Muslim women wearing garbage bags on their heads. Also remind muslim men that our daughters are not fair game for them just because they don’t dress according to islamic customs. Finally tell them that if they don’t like our rules, to get the hell out. Keep your rules in the country you came from and don’t bring them here.

  3. You overlook the fact that according to the Left, the West is fountainhead of all evil. Luckily, the Emirates border on Iran. Iran is a very dangerous country. However, in Iran, too few babies are born, and too many elderly are alive. This will cause serious problems, unless they give up Islam, and legalize euthanasia. The Iranian leaders don’t believe in Islam anyway, or they wouldn’t fear the Israeli air force and nukes. They would believe in paradise.

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