White Muslim one of six arrested over ‘terror plot’

The Telegraph:

 White Muslim convert Richard Dart and a former police community support officer were among six people arrested for allegedly plotting a terror attack in Britain.

Muslim convert and former police support officer arrested in terror raids

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Richard Dart, 29, is a white Muslim convert who featured in a BBC documentary last year filmed by his own brother about his conversion.

By , Martin Evans and Sam Marsden

10:00PM BST 05 Jul 2012

Richard Dart, who was radicalised by the cleric Anjem Choudary, was held following police raids in east and west London.

A former PCSO and two of his brothers, who were living just over a mile from the Olympic site in Stratford, were also among those detained during the police and MI5 operation to prevent a suspected terror assault.

One of the brothers was Tasered by officers. Counter-terrorism police had first searched their home last November.

The Daily Telegraph understands the police moved over fears that a group had obtained a sword which could potentially be used in a terrorist attack.

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17 Replies to “White Muslim one of six arrested over ‘terror plot’”

  1. Wonder why the UK won’t go right to the source – Choudary and the rest who are avowed to overthrow the legal system.

  2. You’re welcome. No problem at all.
    People should see just how far gone this convert is.

    (Thanks for blogging all of the stories you do!)

    It is an entertaining documentary.

  3. Thanks Kafir for that video I lost that one a while back.

    Notice Islam can say and do all kinds of evil acts but the police were there to arrest those that say things against them.

  4. Dallas: I was thinking the same thing. Every single time anybody is arrested in regards to terrorism it always seem to be, “former student of”, “associate” “former group member” “radicalised by” Anjem Choudrey. Similarly he appears to be the main man working heavily with Shariah for Holland and Belgium. He is very slippery and is always very particular about what he says in interviews, always makes sure he never takes the fall.

    Very similar to a gang wouldnt you say? Like the U.S prison gangs. The shot callers at the top, never get their hands dirty, and let the grunts take the fall for them. They are so ideologically fanaticised and blind, they take the fall willingly.

    Now im not naive enough to think that if Choudrey is removed from the equation, that another will not take his place. But the truth is, he is educated well spoken, responds well in the spotlight, and does have both notoriety and charisma. I think if he were to be arrested and put away, it would make a huge dent in their organisation.

    On the plus side, the security forces seem to be doing well in capturing all these terror suspects and putting them away. The only problem with this is 1. our penal system is poor, so most of these guys will be back on the streets within a number of years even more angry with the British system. 2. No matter how many you put away, there will always be more to take their place.

    I strongly believe that muslims in many cases commit crimes, just because they are scumbags, and not because they are muslims (just like any race). However I recognise that particular crimes, and trends in crimes were being a muslim or islam itself is a factor is different. But I strongly strongly, believe that ANY crime related to Jihad or terror related offences should mean either life imprisonment without chance for parole or deportation (regardless of race).

    I believe ideolgies such as extreme islam, even extreme leftism or right wingism, even the violent anarchists etc. Those convicted of terror offences with serious intention to destablise the state and cause death to the public, should all be treated in the same way. We the public should feel safe on our public transport, streets and shopping centers. We live in the United Kingdom, not baghdad or Kabul.

  5. Second point, because im seriously annoyed today. Again my grandfather on one side was a muslim arab. Again Im not racist and im an ordinary citizen wanting to live my life. Ive got bills to pay, and work hard for a living. I dont cause anybody trouble

    However on the otherside of my family my grandfather was a ww2 veteran of Normandy, (he stormed the beach at normandy, and whatever else followed on.)

    Had a watch of Michael savage on England. And what he said was the truth. Our once great nation has been destroyed. IS this what we fought hitler for? To see scumbag rapists, pedophiles wandering our streets. A criminal underclass thriving? Terrorists, anorchists and extreme muslims flourishing? The eradication of a once great industrial, technological, ideological and military power house. A nation of strong communities, built on moral certainty.

    What would our grandfathers say to the country they fought and died for? Look what we have done to it. Its even like when I watched a tv show about Amish kids coming to the uk. They were laughed and mocked on the streets. Im an athiest, but I feel something has been lost……. Women dont have children, they fight and drink like men in the streets. Our men have either become immasculated, or are bald drunken oafs… This tiny island was once a superpower, looked up to with respect and honour.

    May be an early morning rant from myself. But just frustrated. Even in the last 10 years from being a teenager to a young adult, I have seen rapid changes across the board in this country. Huge demographic shift, less respect amongst the youth, and stories of friends sisters getting pregnant at 13 and 14.

    I was driving through my town center yesterday, and there must have been an event on, as there were schoolkids everywere. All must have been around 9-10 years old. About 1/8 of the children were white, and the ones that were, were incredibly blonde and had a eastern european look about them. The rest of the children were either black or brown, and the little girls wearing headscarves. This was the same amongst the 3 groups of school children I saw.

    Now my own mixed race should tell me that this isnt a problem. Perhaps because I appear white and was brought up in a 99% white area, I consider myself white. And I have no problem with ethnic people, some of my best friends in school were black. However I cannot deny when I saw that yesterday, it filled me with dread not joy………………

    Perhaps shame on me, perhaps im somehow a closet racist ( but in essence that would mean im in some form against part of my own ethnic identity.) Perhaps I just want to cling on to the way things were. But one thing is certain in my mind. The united kingdom is heading down the toilet and fast………………..

  6. I disagree that things have gone so bad in the good old UK. The UK will survive and thrive. Demographic changes like the ones you saw are only in some parts of the country. Whole swathes of this country have hardly any immigrants. Entire counties in fact. Far from the madding crowd Cornwall comes to mind, but there are others too. Even in areas of high concentrations of the East European/Asian/African mix a short bus ride is all it takes to get to areas which are nearly or are one hundred percent English. The country is becoming segregated. The mixed areas and the unmixed areas. That is why some time ago the producers of Midsommer Murders were taken to task for not having anyone except English people on the show and they replied in that in these kinds of areas their are no minorities at all. So the future is segregated. I have a book called Whitopia which talks of the same thing in the US. A black guy goes to lots of these 100 hundred percent white areas and is treated well. He wrote this nice book about his experiences but then ruined it by making a crappy video on you tube with the usual Democratic racist line.

  7. As for the muzzies they are just part of the mix and despite these cases are in fact on the whole calmed down and quiet and bit reserved. A lot has changed. A lot of them feel like losers and so they are. The jihad just did not work out all that well. Some even complain that the Polish and other Eastern Europeans are taking over. In fact that is the one change I have definitely noticed since bin Laden. The real change has been the new immigrants. The world did not change that much after 9/11 on the ground where I live in terms of muzzie power. In fact that has declined. I live in a mixed area and the change is on the side of Eastern European immigrants. In fact both houses to my left and right are full of them. Nice people, and I try talk to them when I get a chance. One thing do not get Romanians mixed up with Roma. They hate that and will feel pained that you do not know the difference. I innocently made that mistake but feel sad that I caused so much distress that the person took a while to explain to me the difference.

  8. Dear Don. I have heard this from many English people. But the question is why should I need to avoid muslim areas where I will not be welcomed. This is a free country so why run, because that is what you will do if you confront a muslim in a muslim area. They know two things , sex and violence, Unless they are going to shag you they will beat you. And this is OK? Or we can move to dorset, great. Take a look at the middle east, cradle of christianity. Take a look around the far east. Islam will slowly get political parties to do their wishes for votes and it is already happening- the tories needed some muslims to vote for them to win, In exchange they get more sharia, halal, dress code concession and on and on. In time you will not be able to go into some areas without offending these arse holes. You children will be at risk from the men- for god’s sake the egyptian women are complaining. No there is only one solution. Never talk to them and deport all muzzies back irrespective of where they were born. Jihad is Jihad and I for one think it’s a bad thing. I would never want to hurt anyone, why should I, but I don’t push my religiuos beliefs on anyone so why do I need to keep looking to see whether the food is halal or not. Why do I need to be afraid for myself or family members if we go into a muslim area. Why cannot I speak about god in a muslim area. Why do I have to listen to the crying stuff from their places??? What have they done to be part of the western world. Let me tell you Don. Blown up parts of america, the uk, spain but to mention a few things. The moderates won’t speak out or they will get blown up. So as well as bombs freedom of speach for everyone not just muslims areas is affected. These people will infect the west with Jihad. It’s there love. So Don in two generations form now it will not be just Bradford, parts of manchester, coventry , leicester, derby , tower hamlets, … that will be muslim.

  9. Young man, drifting aimlessly through life, gets religion. Old story. But the difference is the emphasis on violence in radical Islam. And he’s OK with that (from the video).

    He’s not like the Hari Krishna’s of the hippie era. Much more dangerous.

  10. Don: as the guy points out it’s only a matter of time before it spreads. And with the demographic shift, In another twenty years parts of Cornwall may look like parts of London. If as you point out the ever increasing segregation will lead to ideologically incompatible communities/states within a state. Only outcome From such a scenario would be territorial conflict.

    I appreciate the American example, but I feel the USA is unique in it’s creation. The nation was not the ancestral homeland of the White Europeans, but the native Americans. The uk however is the ancestral homeland of a variety of European tribes, Normans, Vikings, Saxons celts etc. It certainly was not the ancestral homeland of Africans, Asians or middle easterners. Again most people don’t have a problem with people of different ethnicities as long as they are the majority.

    If for example (hypothetical) the uk only had one immigrant population ie peaceful Japanese people, in small numbers no one would mind. If that populace no matter how peaceful began to reach close to 50% of the population, I personally believe there will be conflict regardless of who starts that conflict. I feel it’s just human nature.

    If you look to any country with large immigrant populaces there is conflict. Non muslim examples would be the Latinos in USA, Chinese in Mongolia. Historically
    Differing tribes find it hard to coexist peacefully. The problem in
    The uk and in Europe is not only is there a demographic shift occuring, but the members that belong to the demographic shifting, just so happen to also be wanting to to cause a cultural shift.

    It seems demographics and culture are used interchangeably, however the two are separate. If we halted all immigration and deported all radical muslims, the demographic shift would still continue. If we take Japan a culturally and ethnically homogenous nation, they are still breeding themselves into oblivion. Pampers are now sold to the elderly more than babies. If we take a nation like say morrocco, it’s population had risen steadily since the 1970s.

  11. HKtony it certainly is not easy to give an answer to the question of why someone in their own country can not go into such and such an area. That is tough question to answer in a satisfactory way. There was of course a time when there was not a mosque in the country. I am not old enough to remember but I am old enough to have seen incredible changes in the mix of the people. However, it has to be remembered that for the most part the immigrants are members of the working class and do the labouring work. This means that the nation does get segregated into the more affluent English areas (there are six hundred thousand millionaires in the UK alone!) in the countryside (the countryside alliance is a massive power block in the UK) and the rest of the country which live close to all sorts of people including my good Romanian friend next door. This essentially means that the immigrants will be priced out of the more affluent areas. The UK has extremely high property prices which means it is almost impossible for most people to even buy a modest house with a three bedrooms costing a 150, 000 UK Pounds on average! So the country will remain pretty much segregated even into the future as the house prices keep on rising and the immigrants keep getting squashed into tiny areas out of which they can not get out unless they work in high paying jobs. So the point is that it is a segregation of race and wealth. Poor whites will of course have to rub alone with immigrants but often they face similar problems of high rents and low paying jobs. So I do not see the immigrants taking over the country as they do not have the financial resources to take over. Demographic change does not mean economic change. The rich just keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting more and more crowded into each other until tensions boil over. It could be argued that this is a bad thing and it would be better that it was not like this. I agree but it is the shape of things today and even more so in the future: more segregation based on wealth and race with wealthy English in their areas and the Poor English with their neighbors from Poland, Africa and Pakistan etc On the cultural side the English culture of today is incredibly creative with lots of new plays and music so that too will continue as the new immigrants do not have the level of skill to come up with so many new cultural points of reference. The Muslims have tried to get on the news but that has normally been through Jihad and have become well known through that. Though Immigrants do poorly on a cultural level Indians have done relatively well in opening up some huge businesses and Jamaicans have done outstanding work in the field of sports often playing in t he national football team and winning medals at sporting contests. I am trying to take a bigger picture of the events and will not just see things from say the angle of race but of race, culture, wealth, sporting achievement and the segregation of different communities.

  12. To Sum up the English will remain an absolute majority in the country and it will be from these wealthy parts of the country from which they will direct the culture and economic levers that create the image of England. The TV series Midsommer Murders which features no ethnic minorities at all in the series shows the future as it based in the country and attempts to give an accurate portrait of this most English of places the English countryside.

  13. Vince says “If as you point out the ever increasing segregation will lead to ideologically incompatible communities/states within a state. Only outcome From such a scenario would be territorial conflict.” Vince I think such conflict is not as likely as you say because it is not happening even with the high level of immigration of the past few years. It maybe possible if only moslems where the immigrant group but as I have shown the immigrant group in the UK is very very diverse and the moslems are of course the favorites of the media and political elites (as is the case in all the West) but on the ground things are very different. A case in point a few years ago a small inner city part of the town were I live in the South of England was becoming quite Islamic and then a torrent of east europeans came and settled and changed the dynamic completely. Things are not set in stone and things do not go along convenient line when it comes the working class communities because they are so diverse and are so concentrated in certain areas. However, your concerns are certainly real and I hope everything works out well for the UK. I only want the best for my country and so I try to be positive as possible.

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