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  1. Hmmmmmmm………

    Sadly, in quantifying the collective IQ level of men in this room, we find they are still running a deficit……somewhere in the range of -450……….this said however what they lack in actual intelligence they make up for in enthusiasm…….showing aptitude and ability in the fields of;

    Shoelace tying,

    Vagina mutilation,




    Suicide bombing,


    IED making,

    Drug running,


    Mass murder,


    Verbosity relating to all things “muhammad”

    So, all in all, just a great bunch of muslims and its business as usual.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. they deserve this.

    we don’t.

    we should stop all aid and instead send an ultimatum:

    if any terror attack on us or our allies originates in any way from egypt, then we will nuke cairo.

    so you’d better keep a lid on it. or else.

  3. I thought the little rascals would be forgotten by now. Man, but I loved that show, and betty boop too. Betty Boop had more cajones than most men do nowadays. She wouldn’t have taken any of this Mustard crappola.

  4. Ohhhhh Yusuf!!!…you silly little muslim you……

    You’re obviously suffering from the illusion, now manifest, that you can actually perform what are mind numbing mathematical calculations like 1 + 1 and of course there’s the “can’t do it without taking my shoes off”……. 10 + 1 (its 11 Yusuf….)

    But, getting back to your little gaffe there Yusuf….. 21 times a negative…..is still a negative Yusuf…..but then again I forgot that you’re doing arithmetic with the same logic and intellect that calls islam a “religion of peace” and a mass murdering, child molesting lunatic……a “prophet”…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. Don,

    I’m not a Muslim, and my first name is actually Joe (abbrev. of Joseph).

    Kafir is a nassssty word in Islam/Arabic. Roughly translated it means infidel.

    ‘Yusuf Al-Kafir’ = Joseph the Infidel

    Glad I could clear that up.

  6. Don:

    He did say “collective”

    Even so, I don’t think its a problem of raw IQ. In my world, IQ is like an engine. How useful or damaging it will be, is entirely a consequence of the load it has. If you take a sewing machine motor and hook it up to a useful task with optimal torque etc. it can be fantastically useful. If you take a Cadillac 405 engine and hook it up to a sewing needle you can wreck an entire wardrobe in under 2 minutes.

    So I don’t think it is that these people are stupid. In fact if you look at the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood and their long term plan to take over the Maghreb and the Arabian peninsula and destroy the west “by their own miserable hands” they show more than a little genius.

    The intellectual failing, I must admit, is ours. Bush had an excuse. He had no idea what Islam was all about and the general failure of the imagination the US experienced after 911 was normal for the politically correct paradigm that rules the West with such an iron fist for the past several decades.

    Now however, we have the materials. We have the last 10 years + of history since 911. We have thousands of terrorist attacks, successful and failures by Muslims in the name of Islam. We have the OIC and Ikhwan websites and we have the Reliance of the Traveler which details exactly what their plans are for all of us and we have Qutb’s book, ‘Milestones’, which is the exact plan the Ikhwan is using to destroy everything we care about and take for granted.

    So what is our excuse?

  7. Joe Baby!!!!!….all is forgiven….you can come home now…..all this “code” is giving me a headache…..

    Eeyore……egads!!!…..yes, you’re right but in our case its the disease of apathy, ignorance and conceit…….conceit that we’re too good to succumb to the cancerous ravages of islam……oh yeah ……and the corruption of our intellect through our abdication of the responsibility of stewardship of our own lives……that and the loss of the “power of original thought”……..we are in a lot of trouble…..intelligence has little to do with that……

    As for the conceit….allow me to present one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan…..he can sing a few words about that which is killing us……


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  8. Count= 21. All men. Approximately 10 dressed and/or bearded enough to make anyone think “mullah”. Good luck, Egypt.

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