Al-Qaeda plotting to bomb US plane

Found via Jihad Watch:


LONDON: Al-Qaeda is plotting a terrorist attack on a US airliner, Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper reported, citing intelligence sources.

The broadsheet said Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) had recruited  a Norwegian Muslim convert and given him terrorist training in Yemen, and that  the group were believed to have selected a US passenger jet as a target.

“The Norwegian recruit goes under the Islamic name of Muslim Abu  Abdurrahman,” the newspaper said.

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4 Replies to “Al-Qaeda plotting to bomb US plane”

  1. We must always be vigilant but these terrorist filth always let these sorts of stories out just before holidays. I don’t think they are really planning an attack. Rather they did and this was it.

    Its a military pscyhological warfare tactic. They do it in order to poison the things we hold dear. So the things we care about will remind us of them.

    So when I watch the fireworks I’ll just imagine that they have been stuck up the ass of some durka durk just before blowing up.

  2. There is another reason they do it, if they do it often enough the security forces may get careless and not check as thoroughly as they should. After a few times like that the rumors will be true and we will suffer another attack.

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