Sex attacks in Basel

Let’s say your house had become infested with wasps because you had no screens and you leave the windows open. These wasps, being especially aggressive ones, are not content to get in your fridge and cupboards, eat your food, nest in your linen and build giant hives wherever your family likes to gather, but they sting your family members and your welcome guests every opportunity they have.

You have lots of options. You could install good screens so you can still enjoy the fresh air and keep the wasps out, meanwhile systematically removing all the wasps from inside your home to the outside. You could segregate a part of the house for the wasps if you really wanted to, and confine them to that room, keeping your family safe that way even though you would still probably have to feed and provide linen for their increasingly large and loud nests, eventually having to go back to plan 1.

The Swiss have another idea though.

They want to hang “quadrangular” boxes on all the women so if they get stung, it will make a loud noise. I can’t quite understand the utility of this plan unless it is to attract all the other wasps in the area to come sting her also.

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Translation by Michael Laudahn

From Blick.Ch:

Insecurity and fear with women

BASEL: In Basel, sex attacks are getting more frequent. asked women how they felt, with regard to the shock reports.

He pretended to be helpful, then he attacked his victim

Friday night, an unknown man raped a woman in Elisabethenanlage in Basel. It was the seventh sex attack during the last two months in Basel that was communicated by the administration.

Many women are now in fear to be around Basel all on their own. ‘I feel insecure, especially when going out’, says a young Basel woman towards ‘I try to avoid strange places.’ Another young woman dares no longer being about town on her own: ‘It is very bad that even in Switzerland, we now do no longer have the freedom to be outside on our own’, says her girl friend.

Alarm buttons

Experts recommend women to have mobile alarm appliances with them. Alessandra Pini, Opferhilfe beider Basel [= aid for victims in both Basels – meaning in both Basel-Stadt (city canton) and Basel-Landschaft (rural area canton)]: ‘We recommend women to, if possible, go home together, or take a taxi. Another possibility for women is to carry an alarm button with them. We distribute them already in cases of domestic violence. It is a quadrangular box. If you pull the plug, a loud noise sounds, similar to that of a car alarm.’

Every woman should have the right to move on her own in the public sphere. Pini: ‘Unfortunately, there is no absolute security. It is also important to warn the public.

If you notice that a woman is being harassed, you should interfere or, if you are afraid, notify police. As a passer-by, it is important that you keep an eye on what is going on around you.’

René Gsell, Basel public prosecutor’s office, speaks about a growth of sex attacks against women in Basel. Also the chief inspector [presumably the just mentioned René Gsell] recommends women to carry a mobile alarm system with them. ‘Once triggered, they make a hell of a noise. If you use defence sprays you run the risk of hurting yourself.’

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4 Replies to “Sex attacks in Basel”

  1. As long as oil sheiks tempt poor people with their riches, they do not have the right to cut off hands. As long as they cut off hands, we have the right to castrate muslim rapists.
    Ultimately, these sex attacks are the punishment for the desire to keep the European race pure. You can have racial purity(autosomal DNA), or male sexual honor(Y-haplotype), but not both at the same time. It is a law of nature. Hitler murdered Jewish women during the Holocaust because he was obsessed with racial purity. The Jew prefers a Khaybar, where his women were taken by the Muslim. The Jew punished Europe for the Holocaust with a Muslim invasion. Only by promising the Jewish and the Muslim woman a place in an European harem, can the West break the sexual spell of Judaism and Islam. During the Neolithic, Arab feminists invaded Europe and seduced the local men. The mothers of Europe have always been Middle-Eastern, the White race was never pure to begin with. The European Union is dedicated to Mary, a Jewish woman. The Battle of Lepanto was won by the Rosary. Only by loving the Jewish woman and the Arab woman, or at least by sexually desiring them, can you crush the Jewish and Arab man.

  2. What I want the authorities to tell me is how many people are going to pay attention to the alarm? My experience is that when people hear a car alarm they mutter things and ignore the noise.

  3. ‘We recommend women to, if possible, go home together, or take a taxi.. .’

    If the taxi driver’s ethnicity/faith in Basel resembles that of the UK or US. . .this maneuver will only heighten the danger women face, as all too often, this profession moonlights as muslim rapists radar.
    The mobile alarm system will likely be ignored just as auto alarms are frequently dismissed as annoying electronic nuisance.

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