VladTepesBlog interviews Tommy Robinson live in the streets of Luton May 17 2012

First of all, I need to thank:


for staying up all night and much of the morning to help me get this done. This was a big job frought with technical difficulties.  Also, EDL Buck, our man on the ground in England. A real patriot. Thank you Alec. You do great work.

Mostly of course, to Tommy Robinson for taking time out of his busy schedule and meeting with our man in Luton yesterday to answer our questions. Tommy, you are an inspiration to so many, not just in England, but to all who value liberal democracy everywhere.

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8 Replies to “VladTepesBlog interviews Tommy Robinson live in the streets of Luton May 17 2012”

  1. I suspect he will be a force to be recon with in future elections. Hopefully, British citizen will support his battle because they will be the losers if they don’t.

  2. What I would like to know after the ‘ideology of peace’ attacked the so called ‘anti-fascists’ people has the media let up a little on the EDL?

  3. Fabulous interview, Vlad! You asked VERY pertinent questions and Tommy answered them precisely – no beating around the bush for him. How gloriously refreshing!

  4. Good to see the EDL leader’s voice growing stronger by the day. However, England is a lost country. It’s gone to the Caliphate. What Tommy Robinson is doing is probably holding back the tide of islam by a few seconds in the pages of UK’s history. It’s impossible to change demographics unless there’s civil war and a civil war that will break up UK with a piece of it going to muslim rule. There’s no other solution. Any way you look at what’s happening there … there is no peaceful outcome

  5. he gets beaten up more and more -.- see that’s what you can expect and you bet it takes balls.

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