The ongoing attack on our nation-states European Parliament May 9th 2012

Thierry Baudet, PhD-fellow to the staff of the Department of Encyclopedia and Philosophy of Law at the University of Leiden, with expertise in Multiculturalism, National identity and European integration. He is author of the 2011 book ”Conservative Progress”, and contributed to the Dutch book ”Europa Wankelt” with an essay entitled ”Human rights madness”.

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3 Replies to “The ongoing attack on our nation-states European Parliament May 9th 2012”

  1. The man is making one mistake, he is using facts and logic when arguing with leftist, they don’t use critical thinking so they are unable to understand what he is saying.

  2. Richard
    The leftists do use facts and logic for their conclusions. We as conservatives just doesn’t understand what they are or at least most of us do not.

    It took me decades to figure it out.
    The left and right is based on r/K selection theory.

    The left are r-selection and if you read in to it you can figure out how they think

  3. Most conservatives can figure out how liberals think, but the liberals can’t figure out how conservatives think, several studies have proven this, this fact is why liberal screen writers can only write caricatures of conservatives.

    I meant the statement to be sarcastic, and funny, not seriously. My sense of humor is different then a lot of peoples, they don’t understand my jokes.

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