Tommy Robinson in Luton last year

This is brilliant. God bless Tommy Robinson.


This video was just uploaded to the youtube page where I was made aware of it today. I foolishly thought that meant it was a new speech. I had not seen it before actually. I am going to leave it up because it is so good. But it is roughly a year old now.

Mea Culpa Maxima


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6 Replies to “Tommy Robinson in Luton last year”

  1. I heartily agree: God bless Tommy Robinson! He has the spirit, the determination, the courage, and the energy to see this through. For that, all true Brits should be thankful.

    The Powers-That-Be are quaking in their boots that this working-class commoner has tapped into the pulse of this nation. Time that they started to listen.

  2. Tommy Robinson is a working class version of Churchill. As long as he can rally and speak, the light of British Liberty will not be extinguished .

    Given the current recession in the U.K., I’d guess only Saudi oil money could finance a mega-mosque.

  3. This is simply the burning embers of a once great nation being fanned into flames by patriots and men and women of courage who will not be turned aside nor cowed by those who worship the madman, muhammad.

    It is spreading quickly, the deportations have begun, borders are being closed, laws being passed outlawing the mosques and their poisonous occupants. It is sweeping across Europe and is slowly gaining strength in North America. Witness the recent deportation of the muslim fanatics….loaded onto planes, hog tied with their filthy lying mouths duct-taped shut…..mullahs and muslims globally are shitting their pants and they are living on borrowed time all across the world…..I know it, you know it and they know it.

    Deportations here in Canada can start with every single member of the Khadr family.

    This is just getting interesting……finally, I can bear witness to a most spectacular page in history being written before my very eyes….and a breathtaking one at that…..and little old me with a glass of ale and a front row seat.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. “We did not choose to be in the European Union. If you want to put us in the European Union, we (national defense leagues) will unite Europe like you have never seen!”

    Awesome, Tommy.

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