Osman warnings to Tommy Robinson

I once read that some Roman senator had claimed, that one could chart the decline of a civilization based on the degree to which the state depended on taxing vice for its revenues. I tend to agree with that. Now that statement may or may not be truly from a Roman senator. I read it in an age when information was a rare and precious thing and very hard to confirm.

But I do think that one can chart the decline of the British society by Osman warnings.

For those who do not know, an ‘Osman warning’ is an official notice that the police are impotent to defend someone against a palpable threat to their safety or life, and that the police, by officially notifying you that they are aware of this threat, and now so are you, are no longer responsible for your safety, while at the same time, explaining to you that any attempt you might make to defend yourself would likely be illegal and you are not exempt from the laws in terms of whatever it is you might feel you need to do since the police cannot and will-not.

Clearly a potent totem of the decline of civilization in that state.

‘People who hate you because you do not agree with them, or you wish to stop them from destroying your people and history, might kill you. We can’t stop it or won’t and you can’t do anything about it or we will arrest you’

How can anyone living in such a state have any confidence in its officials whatsoever. Add to that the staggering cost of supporting the biggest bureaucracy in the free world and one can start the clock till the end of England. Depending on how you define England of course. For me, it has already ended.
































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5 Replies to “Osman warnings to Tommy Robinson”

  1. I find this quite disgusting. Regardless of someones beliefs, political views no matter how vile that person is, never ever, should someones home be targeted.

    The home were that persons innocent children and wife sleep. I do not get, and could never understand the real nastiness of the left wing extremists and even some of the muslims with them. I heard lots of rumours about bricks through peoples windows etc.

    I dont get how people can do such things and not think of the consequences. Now during a march/demo one could accept that some form of violence may occur and you get hurt. But whatever happens on that march/demo should stay exactly there. These people bringing it to their homes is a disgrace.

    Whats quite interesting that out of all the suspected terrorists in the country the fact that the media film them outside their homes etc, not one house has been attacked by the “far right”.

    Its just not on. I feel sorry for this guy living under constant threat. I know the feeling unfortunately. (due to a family issue that happened a few years back) But it is a horrible feeling to be constantly on edge in your own home, its something that never goes away.

    What I have seen from the london riots and the fact that the police cannot protect him. What the hell is going to happen 10 years down the line when/if society begins to fragment?

  2. If the police let anything happen to the EDL leader …that’s it then. I hope they realize that and provide him with ample protection. Their own police quarters are stocked to the beams with muslim staff, so Tommy Robinson is definitely worried about leaks of his whereabouts going to the terrorists from deep within Her Majesty’s police services.
    If the EDL leader is harmed or worse, killed …. then it will be the start of a civil war.

    IMO, UK is in the 7th year of the 1st decade of the Caliphate. It will be next to impossible to untangle from that mess without a civil war anyway.

  3. You can live or work at a location which has a “storm number” so that if you call treble nine from that location, it’s a big red flag & all the bobbies in the area are immediately told to drop everything, & head over there tout suite.

    Of course as we all know Tommy is a married man, so it’s not just him that’s being put at risk. And no matter how swiftly any coppers arrive, it really doesn’t take too long to do someone harm – especially if you’re dealing with an islamic terrorist willing to self-detonate wearing an explosive vest.

    And yes, that’s a possiblity, given that we’re talking about Luton.

    You’d think the police would be letting the people making such threats know that they’re on to them, & that if they so much as walk funny they’ll come down on them like a ton of bricks. And you’d expect them to do so.

    Wouldn’t that be a better approach?

  4. Tommy is right not to give his address to the police. Instances of corruption and law-breaking by British muslim police officers are widely documented. One recent study by the police themselves found that muslim police officers are ten times as likely to be the subject of corruption and misconduct complaints as are white officers. How you can trust people who believe that their law is above yours in all matters?

  5. How long does an osman warning last and can the police unawares to social services take your children into care just because the father has an osman warning. What can you do about this?

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