UAF Throws bottles and missiles at children on family march. Total BBC silence

Meanwhile, at the BBC…

22 April 2012 Last updated at 12:24 ET

Brighton march The march was re-reouted to avoid the seafront

Two policemen suffered head injuries after bottles were thrown at them during a nationalist march in Brighton.

The March for England group held its fifth annual event, with counter protests by anti-fascist groups.

About 140 people took part in the march which was temporarily halted twice and re-routed to avoid the seafront.

One of the injured officers was taken to hospital but later discharged. Sussex Police said three people were arrested for public order offences.

Police said the route had been changed “following significant verbal aggression by both groups of demonstrators”.

And mounted police were drafted in to maintain calm as attempts were made to obstruct the march at several points amid “considerable levels of violence”, police said.

Roads were closed in the area, and bus services disrupted.

The march was halted first in Queen’s Road and then in Church Street, where mounted officers were deployed to help with crowd control.

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2 Replies to “UAF Throws bottles and missiles at children on family march. Total BBC silence”

  1. This was on Sussex University Students Union website:
    20th April 2012 4:35 pm
    This Sunday, the March for England is coming to Brighton. It is both a march and an organisation. It is held in Brighton every year during the weekend around St George’s day. It is widely viewed as a racist march, with close affiliations to the English Defence League (EDL).
    Therefore, this Sunday, there will be a counter-demonstration to make it clear that racism and intolerance are not welcome in our community. Many students from Sussex will be attending this counter-demonstration, and we would like to show our support and encourage students to attend.

    Sussex is a diverse community. This diversity, and the respect of all those encompassed by it, is what defines us as a community.

    A number of years ago, students at Sussex voted for the Students’ Union to give no platform for fascists on our campus. On top of this, it is important that we show that not only are fascists not welcome on campus, they are not welcome in our local community, and that we will oppose them wherever they attempt to propogate their racist ideals.

    ‘Oppose the March for England’ asks all those who wish to join the counter-demonstration, to line the route on Sunday the 22nd April at Midday.


    t: 01273 678152

    Falmer House
    University of Sussex
    East Sussex
    BN1 9QF

  2. The only people acting like fascists are those who say they are anti-fascist, thanks to the politically correct school systems most people are 1) not taught enough history to see what is happening and 2) aren’t taught how to think for themselves.

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