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5 Replies to “Brief Spanish TV report on stoning to death of Christians today in Muslim countries.”

  1. Very good, the Spanish are fighting back, leading the way for the rest of us. I especially love the phrase Christianaphobia.

  2. Islam makes me want to puke! Scenes like those make me want to go out and hunt Muslim men… Absoluteley sickening degeneracy!

  3. This is the first time i heard any news broadcast use the term “Christianphobia”

    This is a very good term. I known a number of people tell me how bad Christians are today each one of them can only point to what took place 400 years ago and nothing other then the child molestations covered up by the catholic church which was bad no doubt but not all Christians should be criticized for the acts of what the Catholics leadership did.

  4. The left has to demonize Christianity since it opposes the people putting their belief in big government to take the place of God.

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