Al-Qaeda plotting cyanide attack at Games

Damn I am sick to death of these guys.


Web fanatics target Olympics

Security ... fans are searched in test run before Olympics

Security … fans are searched in test run before Olympics
By SIMON HUGHES, Chief Investigative Reporter
Published: Today at 00:11

AL-QAEDA fanatics are plotting a deadly cyanide poison attack on the London Olympics, a Sun investigation has found.

Extremists on a website with links to the terror group have posted detailed instructions on how to cause carnage at this summer’s Games.


The chilling online plot was uncovered as two convicted al-Qaeda terrorists were released early from jail and put back on the streets ahead of the Olympics.

And the specific nature of the “cyanide slaughter” web posts suggest they should be taken seriously by the security services.

An extremist who called himself Abu Hija Ansari said the poison should be mixed with a handcream that would enable it to be absorbed through the skin.

He wrote in Arabic: “Through skin: 1 — cyanide, 2 — skin cream. Mix the ingredients. The skin cream will open the pores in the skin and speed up the absorption and effectiveness of the poison.”


Stadium ... in London

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9 Replies to “Al-Qaeda plotting cyanide attack at Games”

  1. When oh when are we going to be able to connect the dots and take decisive action against this belligerent culture which lusts after nothing less than the mandate of the adherents of Sharia law – convert, live in dhimmitude or be murdered?

  2. They never stop do they? And do you know what, they never will, until we all finally get the message and stop them ourselves!
    They are like a persistent resilient disease that will not go away even after a little rest and a little medical treatment. What it needs is a good dose of bleach, a thorough scrubbing and then burning and destroying all the things that came in contact with it.
    This is how we need to treat Islam and any decadent human bacteria that kills by it, whether it be al-Qaeda, Hezbollah or the Taliban. A little bit of appeasement here and the odd arrest there simply does not work. What is needed is the full works. Islam should be outlawed by any civilised society. Not one cent of aid should go to any country that lives under Islamic law. When we send our boys out there to fight we need to stop this PC no-engagement policy and as Allen West says, “give the enemy nowhere to hide.” All Muslim immigration to the West needs to stop immediately. Any Muslim in the West committing a crime needs to be dealt with by the full force of the law – no excuses, no pandering. Once they get it into their little thick skulls that we are not to be messed with and that their puny false god, Allah, ain’t going to rescue them, then they’ll finally realise who they are messing with. Let them have it hard and tell them in the only language that they understand!

  3. And mayby, mayby you find a way where it is more easy to get in thouch with
    Vlad Tepes, just to send news, without commenting. Greetings.

  4. I think they won’t attack people in general. Not because they aren’t filth but because this threat WAS the attack. They often make threats about things important to us without actually attacking. The threat achieves the aim of making us be reminded of them a little while thinking of the things that are important to us. Now everyone from all over the world will think “F***ing muslims” whenever they go thru security to enter the olympic events.

    but an actual attack could make people from too many different countries pissed off at them.

    However I do think there will be at least one attempt against Israeli teams this time.

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