BBC shines a light on ‘Asian’ honour killings in the UK

Well, at least they did it. And one guy did admit that the problem is primarily in the Islamic community. I guess as he is ‘ethnically’ Muslim (probably of Pakistani origins) it is allowed for him to say that. So the BBC managed to show the problem as Muslim without technically violating their moratorium on truth telling.

Here are a few excerpts that I took from the show. Sadly, I-Player, the BBC web streaming service, cannot be seen outside the UK. But I managed to pull a few bits from it. I am sure someone will manage to put the whole thing up soon.

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  1. Right, so let me get this straight.
    First we had the phrase “not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims.”
    Now we can add the phrase “not all Muslims are honour killers but most honour killers are Muslims!”
    Will people now finally wake up, open their eyes and realise that there is something incredibly dangerous about Islam?

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