Immigration by the numbers

I will try and look up the numbers a little later. But I believe that this video applies much more to Canada than it does to the US, as I believe that Canada takes in more immigrants than any other nation on earth of all kinds, and more indeed than the official numbers actually even show for a variety of reasons.

We really need to have a hard look at our immigration and frankly, it is worse now under the Conservatives than it ever was under the Liberals and that, despite the odd show of sending a half dozen really awful criminals back for a while, or to jail.

Here is one paper that deals with just one aspect of the cost of current immigration trends in Canada for an example.

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  1. How much of this crap ( can’t think off a more fitting word) are we supposed to take lying down?

    We have seniors who were born in this country, who have contributed to CPP for most of their lives and are barely able to exist on the paltry allowance they get from the government. Many of them are living in hovels and trying to survive on a poverty income. Many have to stand in line at food banks or go without heat in the winter. Meanwhile the government imports foreigners parents & grand parents and gives them an allowance, then CPP and free health care. I say stop this now. Parents & grandparents or any relative of immigrants should be financed in total, till the day they die by their sponsoring families.

    Use this money saved to make the lives of the seniors who contributed to and built this country better.

    And yes , I think that anyone wishing to collect at age 65 should have to pass a means test too.

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