Pamela Geller on the double standards of the New York Times

We all owe Ms. Geller a debt of thanks for exposing this brutal hypocrisy by the times along with the other events she has held showing the duplicitous nature of aspects of the US political and media class.

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One Reply to “Pamela Geller on the double standards of the New York Times”

  1. Not being a catholic, I didn’t find the so-called ‘anti-catholic’ ad offensive. However, I did notice some double standard in her speech.
    She refered to ‘leave the catholic church because they just want your money and your obedience’ offensive.

    Both adds were fair – I read them – neither lied nor exaggerated. Both should be printed it the advertisers are willing to pay for them.
    Maybe one about Mega-churches wouldn’t go amiss either.

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