Radio Silence in Worms

This horrific story from

Gates of Vienna:

The following story from Germany is horrific beyond belief. In deference to sensitive readers, I have placed the most gruesome details below the fold. If you find descriptions of bestial cruelty disturbing, you would be well-advised not to click “Read more”.

JLH, who kindly translated the piece for us, had this to say:

I ran across this, and the pure horror of it transfixed me. This is beyond the worst stories I heard about the Russian soldiers running amok in the streets of Berlin in 1945.

The only excuse I can give for translating it is that someone has to witness, and places like GoV may be alone in their efforts for some time to come.

The translated article from SOS-Österreich:

Radio Silence? 16 Year-Old Girl — Raped, Tortured, Crippled

March 5, 2012
by Der Patriot

During the last 24 hours we have received numerous emails, asking us to report on the brutal and perverse rape of a 16-year-old girl in Worms, which has not been reported at all by German media.

On February 23, SOS-Österreich was one of the first blogs to report on this inhumanly violent attack.

Since unbelievable or horrifying reports come to us almost daily, the incident in Worms was forgotten. Only after several references in our comment section, and/or direct mails, as well as some intensive “googling,” did we notice that only diverse blogs — but no public media in Germany — reported on the rape and mutilation of a young German girl. Is this silence strange, or not?

The blog Honigmannsagt writes that the press of the Federal Republic has put an embargo on this story.

This is an appeal to them!

Please, bring this case to the attention of the public.

In accordance with §12.1 of its code, the Federal Republic press has put a gag order on this story.

It needs to be broken.

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3 Replies to “Radio Silence in Worms”

  1. An eye for an eye, an anus for an anus. That is the justice that should have awaited these maggots! Unfortunately, we in the west are too civilized to handle barbarians these days. At least have them shot with bullets greased with pig-fat and then buried on a secret location in pig-skins. Let at least one muz-rat watch the execution just to send the message to the rest of them what awaits them.

  2. Punishing the perpetrators serves no purpose at all. All that will happen is they will go to a comfy jail for a limited time quite happily, under the assurance that will be looked up as heroes in their own community, and guaranteed entry to paradise.

    The only way to stop this is the complete separation of Islam and Muslims from the West.

    Rest assured it is going to come. My advice to Muslims is to buy homes in your won lands, as you will need them. Stop wasting money in building mosques in the West, as most wont be around except as a salutory lesson to future generations.

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