British documentary on the EDL, Islam in England Etc.

Recently Channel 4, perhaps the last bastion of sanity and classically liberal values of actual non-racism etc. in all of Europe did a documentary on Tommy Robinson, the EDL, and those who are showing some resistance to the leftist-Islamic alliance to destroy all things good in classical civilization. In order to be aired, they still had to refer to Tommy R. as “far right ring” etc. despite the fact that someone who says and does the things he does would have been called a “pinko-commie’ as recently as the 1960s. (just to get a sense of how far to the left the narrative has moved)

Below, thanks to some good friends in the UK, is the entire thing.

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  1. I’m disappointed by this channel 4 documentary. They did not miss any opportunity to take jabs at Tommy and the EDL but never once did the same to the muslims. At one point they even disguised their faces for them.

    For example: (Tommy)” tries to hide the racism on his group”, “first he (Tommy) has to whip up support with a few scare stories”, “Tommy goes on a bender”, “someone’s (Tommy) in the mood for trouble, ” and then Tommy directly threatens Britain’s entire islamic community” etc., etc.

    The last comment ” and then Tommy directly threatens Britain’s entire islamic community” was about 7/7. He basically said if muslims attack Brits again you can expect the same in return. I don’t call that threat, it’s a promise and a damn good one.

    I really appreciated their mosque expose’ documentaries but I found this one biased and have lost respect for them. It was obvious they started this project with an agenda. Two thumbs down, way down.

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