Father tries to set 23-year-old daughter alight

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A man was being held by police on Monday after allegedly trying to set fire to his grown-up daughter in central Paris.


Le Parisien newspaper reported that the man sprayed teargas in the young woman’s face and then covered her in petrol on Saturday evening.

The father was apparently annoyed that the woman planned to go out with a group of friends that evening and considered her “too emancipated”.

The newspaper quoted a source describing him as a “Muslim fundamentalist.”

The 23-year-old daughter has a room in a building in the city’s 11th arrondissement, close to the Place de la Bastille.

The 49-year-old man went there at around 11.30pm on Saturday evening and started arguing with her in the hall of the building.

He then attacked her with the teargas and poured petrol over her head and face, after which he pulled out a lighter, causing her to scream.

“She managed to grab the lighter from his hands while passers-by heard her screams,” said a source close to the inquiry. “The man quickly made a run for it.”

The woman told police her father had been harassing her for several weeks. “She explained he was unhappy that she had a Jewish boyfriend,” said the source.

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3 Replies to “Father tries to set 23-year-old daughter alight”

  1. I’m glad she’s safe. Anymore this is starting to seem like a common occurance among muslim fathers. Oh hell, it is common among their numbers. We only hear about a fraction of such acts. As a father myself, I couldn’t fathom doing something like this. Granted I only had sons (3), but I will never understand why a father would value a perverted sense of honor over the life of his own daughter, and this particular monster from Tunisia apparently had been out of her life for a number of years according to the French news article. Islam is sheer, perverted evil. It brings out the very worse in humanity and corrupts what is right and natural in life and calls good evil, and evil good. Oh how I hate Islam. Screw muhammad! He was arguably the most evil being to walk the earth.

  2. randy63ism
    How can a father do this? Simple over a thousand years of inbreeding.
    Inbreeding has helped western civilization because we win nearly every battle fought.
    It hurts us because of people like him that are incapable of thinking for themselves.

  3. However, when we have tens of millions of these koranimals in our midst, the sheer brutality and barbarism of these people will work to their advantage. Many countries will fall because of this and be under the boot for centuries, maybe forever even.

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