University campuses are ‘hotbeds of Islamic extremism’

Roses are red, violets are blue, Muslims on campus chant death to the jew!

The Telegraph:

 Islamic fundamentalism is being allowed to flourish at universities, endangering national security, MPs and peers say.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. University campuses are 'hotbeds of Islamic extremism'

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a former student at University College London Photo: PA

10:04PM BST 27 Apr 2011

Islamic fundamentalism is being allowed to flourish at universities, endangering national security, MPs and peers said yesterday.

Academics are turning a blind eye to radicals because they do not want to spy on students, a report claimed.

Despite “damning evidence” of a serious problem, little progress had been made in tackling the unsustainable situation, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Homeland Security said.

They urged the Government to tackle the issue on campuses with “utmost urgency”.

Such extremism “endangers our security at home and has international implications that are serious enough to threaten our alliance relationships”, said the group, which includes the former home secretary Lord Reid.

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4 Replies to “University campuses are ‘hotbeds of Islamic extremism’”

  1. Why is it that many of us knew there was a ‘serious problem’ with Islam ten years ago and our ruling elite have only just woken to the fact? And isn’t it strange that they now admit there’s a problem but still insist on introducing Sharia courts and Sharia finance into our western democracies?

  2. said, “our ruling elite have only just woken to the fact?”

    I wish that were true. I do not see any indication of them waking up.

  3. Universities are also a hot bed of anti fascist and socialist groups. From my experience 80-85% of members are girls. It would not bother me but these groups are not universal in their condemnation of fascism. For them anyone that do not agree with their world view is branded a fascist. Makes them just as extreme as the far right. What is quite ironic is that when the obvious finally happens and their world view is shattered they are either paralysed with disbelief or simply choose to deny it. Was a really good e.g of this on gates of Vienna, regarding a leftist housing project that has been under attack with it’s members being beat up by Turkish immigrants. As the report said ” if it had of been nazis they would have gone public” “they havnt been attacked by cops or nazis but by immigrants, this does not follow their world view”.

    The scary thing is that ideology has political parties that often form govt in Europe. Just as Geert wilders pvv party or Danish people’s govt help make up right wing coalitions, what is going to happen when the left wing want to form govt but need a few seats to form a govt. Their naivety will see them form a majority with a few seats from the “moderate” Islamic parties (which have just formed in Denmark and holland). I fear that would be the beginning of the end. It’s like I read an article about an American Iranian guy that helped the ayatollah depose the shah. Some years later after he himself was exiled, he commentated that he regretted his contribution to the revolution.

    You may have noticed on some of my posts I defend Muslims as I truly believe there are many really great Muslims out there but are the minority. Political Islam however is the most dangerous thing out there. I’m talking about the kind of movement that seeks to gain power within Europe through demographic and democratic means. Under that process the egalitarian and equality our system is built on becomes our greatest enemy. When they are the fringe and do not engage in the political process they are easier to deal with. We should learn he lessons from the middle east. When Hamas or muslim brotherhood were a fringe were they easier to deal with? To legitimise them is the most dangerous thing….

  4. OxAO:……..

    An ALL PARTY committee states there is “Damning evidence of a serious problem” and you say this is no indication of them waking up?

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