Ladies, if you are planning to take a cab, consider taking some pepper spray.

Taxi driver jailed for Accrington sex attack on passenger

9:00pm Sunday 19th February 2012 in

A TAXI driver, who sexually assaulted a teenage girl, has been jailed for three and a half years.

Father-of-three Zameer Arshad, 26, of Richmond Hill Street, Accrington, collected the 17-year-old victim and her two friends after they had been on a night out in Clitheroe.

He dropped her friends at their home before driving the girl to an unknown address in Accrington where he sexually assaulted her.

He then abandoned her in a distressed state in the town centre following the attack on 9 October 2010.

Arshad had been convicted of sexual assault after a five day jury trial.

The defendant had denied the allegation and, the hearing was told, had sought to portray the victim as a promiscuous person who initiated sexual contact.

He was placed on the sex offenders’ register for life and given a 15 year sexual offences prevention order after appearing at Burnley Crown Court.

Under the order, Arshad is prohibited from holding, applying for or obtaining a Hackney Carriage licence, from working as a Hackney Carriage or private hire driver and from working as a driver of any other means of public transport. He was also banned from working with children for life.

John Gibson, defending Arshad, said he felt the conviction and its consequences very greatly indeed. The barrister added: “The fall from grace is considerable.”

Judge Beverley Lunt said: “This girl was very, very drunk indeed but that just made her more vulnerable and you took advantage of that.”

Speaking after the hearing, DC Helen Mercer, from Accrington CID, said: “People trust taxi drivers to get them home safely and to abuse his position in this way is appalling.

“I would like to praise the girl for coming forward to the police and for her bravery throughout the trial.”

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11 Replies to “Ladies, if you are planning to take a cab, consider taking some pepper spray.”

  1. I’m sure many women in the UK would! Were it not for the fact that possession of Pepper Spray leads to prosecution under Section 5 of the Firearms Act (I kid you not) with the potential of up to four years in prison.

    Madness, yes I know. The private citizen has been systematically stripped of the ability to defend themselves, by the law in Britain.

  2. Tiger, there is a way around this, get one of those squirt bottles used for plants. 2, buy a bottle of encona hot scotch bonnet pepper sauce and filter it through an old cloth add a bit of water, but not to much now, and fill the bottle. If asked by the plod why you are carrying it just say “I like my food spicy and this is my own sauce.” Simples 😉

  3. It’s not the point though is it. No one should have to resort to taking pepper spray in taxis. I fear many girls are naive to the dangers taxis pose these days. But again it’s not the point they should be safe to use. I imagine when a situation goes down pepper spray may not always work, I think it’s more about giving women a false sense of security. I once knew a guy from haslingdon, he told me they also target lone drunk males. He said he was incredibly drunk one time got driven to an unknown location were more Asians were waiting, they beat him up and stole his money phone etc. Can’t substantiate his claims, but would not surprise me. These things seem particularly rife in these small towns.

  4. A brave girl. The sentence for Arshad is disgustingly lenient. Incarcerate him for 20 years then deport him to the Islamic rat hole he originally came from…


  5. Simple solution……
    Don’t use muslim cabs, don’t shop in muslim stores. The circumstances do not exist where I would use a muslim cab.

  6. Pepper spray will not help in such circumstances. One has to be prepared at all time for an attack in order not to be overcome by the surprise element! This may sound politically incorrect; but young people have to be more aware of the dangers that are lurking about nowadays and be street wise at all times.

    There was a day when taxis particularly black cabs were relatively safe and not associated with rape/sexual assault. Those days are long gone with the advent of the unlicensed mini cabs driving about with blacked out windows and auto locks. They are a menace to the public!

  7. Any woman who travels alone with a mooslime is not only risking her virtue but her life. To a mooslime any kuffar woman is theirs for the taking in the eyes of pervert Mo.

  8. @parisclaims: Firstly the assumption is that all muslim cab drivers are rapists which is not the case. Statistically, in terms of the amount of muslim cabbies the percentage that are rapists will assumingly be quite low. However what the media never lets out is the percentage figures of rapists from a muslim background out of the total number of cab rapes, or the percentage comparison to other races/religions. Figures can always be manipulated. I imagine if any figures were released the media would say, out of the 10,000 or so cab drivers only 1000 have been convicted for attacks. So it does not seem that bad. But out of the sample of 10,000 or so white taxi drivers the figure would assumingly be much lower say 150 or so. Although a theoretical figures If someone released those kind of figures in that manner, there would be a clear indication of the problem. The problem same with most statistics that get released is they are manipulated to hide the problem, or facts are omitted. The problem is to just assume because someone is muslim and committed a crime, islam is responsible or a partial influence for the crime.

    However unlikely the case this taxi driver could be a secret christian convert, or an athiest/agnostic, for all we know a satanist or pagan. Unless we really got an inside view into the situation we could not really comment. To deny there is a trend of sexual violence from muslims, or that in terms of their population size to offender ratio is probably a much higher rate than say white christions is not the answer either, but we need to be level headed about this stuff.

    At the same time, If I had a daughter would I be comfortable with her riding alone with a muslim cab driver? The answer is clearly no. In fact I would not be comfortable with her being alone with a male driver full stop, but especially a muslim cab driver.

    In terms of boycotting muslim businesses etc, again I feel you are being to stereotypical, but in a freedom loving society you have the choice to shop around. The funny thing is were I live, you would find it very difficult to find a non “asian” cab driver lol. I always wondered about the whole positive discrimination thing. In getting minorities more represented in particular fields. Does the same work the other way round? There seems to be a lack of white corner shop/take away owners, as well as can drivers, and increasingly hospital staff/doctors.

  9. anoyher more descrete option for the ladies would be to buy one of those old school refillable perfume atomisers and fill as part 2. Ladies have to protect themselves too! And no cop will bust you for that. Aim for the eyes. Or you could just do what I do, get to know an English cabbie and have their mobile number and call them…..(Don’t forget to tip)

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