The problem isn’t men, its Muslims. The non-case for women-only-taxis

By Eeyore and Grace for Vladtepesblog Feb 19 2012

A St. John, New Brunswick entrepeneur has decided to study the merits of an all female, small fleet of cabs to chauffeur women around the city. Dave Barnes said he is in the process of researching the idea and wants to know if women in Saint John would use the service. The Saint John businessman said the service would offer “some women a greater sense of security”, particularly those who have had unpleasant experiences with male drivers.

Will this be next?

“They’ve all had stories about getting into taxis and having an, ‘Oh my God’ moment as soon as they close the door, ‘Perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten in with this guy,'” Barnes said.

“I know that there are some women who feel uncomfortable getting in a cab with a man,” Barnes added. Barnes said the idea has caught on in Europe and he thinks it could work in Saint John. “In Europe, they’re springing up all over the place,” he said. “And they’re having a great deal of success in particular with the growing Muslim community, and I think that’s a target market for me here”.

At this point it really needs to be said, that in a frighteningly, although not surprisingly, disproportionate number of cases, cab-driver harassment and rape of passengers are by Muslim cab drivers. As Islam is an ideology, culture and basis for decisions, it clearly has a profound influence on a persons behavior. (To point this out is not racism no matter what the ‘charter of rights’ may say as Islam is a voluntary system of beliefs not a race)

The West Bank has pink-women taxis. As does Cairo.

So here’s my ‘Oh my God’ moment. I don’t believe for a moment this initiative has anything to do with providing women a greater sense of security in any Canadian taxi cab. Most likely it has everything to do with satisfying imported sharia standards into the nation coming from Muslims who create a problem by which Islamic law is the only solution. We’ve seen this demanded before regarding the removal of face coverings at airports and voting booths by which a female only employee is to identify a muslimah in a separate space away from men.

Canada already has sufficient laws regarding harassment providing open recourse to anyone, regardless of gender, who are subjected to it. There is simply no need to segregate women from men in Canada in taxis or otherwise. In fact, this issue like so many Islamic inspired issues in Canada and the Western world has the same solution. Stop making special exceptions for Muslims from rational extant Canadian laws. For example, we have a law saying one may not wear a disguise in public. Stop excepting Muslim women from that rational law.

We have a law saying no discrimination because of gender or race. Stop making exceptions for Muslims so they can create a sharia state here in Canada and while we are at it, scrap affirmative action while you’re at it. Either you are racist or you are not and calling it ‘affirmative action’ does not make it not racist.

As I write this the following thought also occurs to me.

Here is how such a program will likely go…

Several Muslim women will be hired as cab drivers for this new program because the Muslim passengers who use this service likely won’t want a ‘Kuffar’ woman driver and the cab company will want to show how diverse and progressive they are by hiring Muslims.

Now of course, these Muslim women drivers will be obliged to not drive men as they will not want to be alone with a man in their car. This will not be seen as the crime it actually is because we all love making exceptions for the rules of civilization to make extra room for the primitive barbarism that is Islam to show how tolerant and progressive we all are.

Of course this scheme will utterly fail to make any money and will be a huge loss to the cab company as well as the women drivers, so a special government subsidy will be created to show how progressive we all are and now the taxpayer will be shelling out the jizya for sharia law here in Canada. Again. In yet another area.




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  1. Sharia is creeping in no matter how hard we fight, the problem is that the left has managed to convince people that there is no danger except from the right.

  2. By all accounts, it appears many are willing to sell out to Islam’s sharia. I doubt they even have the most basic understanding of what that ultimately entails.

  3. Since the entrepreneur’s name is David Barnes, I can’t help but wonder if there might not be another angle to this story. Maybe there is so much harassment of the indigenous women by Muslim drivers that there is a need to protect them, and since the city is probably too gutless to do anything about it, this might be a way around it.

  4. I live outside Saint John. There are very few Muslims living in Saint John and there are a few foreign University students. I doubt this entrepreneur has Muslim taxi drivers or female Muslim passengers in mind. He is just trying to find a niche that he read about from Europe.

  5. I don’t think that it would be a problem solving idea at all. For one thing would they operate at night picking up drunks? A taxi is ment to pick up EVERYONE!

  6. I beg to differ that only Muslims act crudely toward women. Mexican men have shown themselves to be standouts in this regard.

    One indicator is how Mexican women have appreciated transportation that excludes Mexican men — a topic about which I have blogged:

  7. I thought tat under Shariah women are not allowed to travel except with husband, father, brother, and two eunuchs to be named later,

  8. Maybe if these women would just stay at home in the first place,or if they did decide to venture out on there own then they could at least cover there faces with some sort of veil or something so as these poor men didnt feel the urge to rape them in the first place? Then we would have really found a good way to combat these sick bastards!………..Oh dear.

  9. “The West Bank has pink-women taxis. As does Cairo.” Ahhhh ain’t dat cute! Wonder if they have blue ones for the boys with matching bonnets!

    “Several Muslim women will be hired as cab drivers for this new program because the Muslim passengers who use this service likely won’t want a ‘Kuffar’ woman driver”

    What a joke, a bad one but a joke non the less! They should take their racism and sexism in a taxi to the nearest airport with one way ticket right back to whence they came!

  10. “We have always been at war with Eastsaia.”

    “Black is white.”

    What used to be illegal racism is now the legally required,

    Does anybody else thing Orwell made a 30-year error in his title, but was otherwise right on the money?

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