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9 Replies to “A thousand years from now…”

  1. Utterly brilliant video, I especialy love the quote, “If you want oil, you don’t need to go to Israel, If you want intelligence, Israel is the only stop you need to make”. This statement in it self shows why muslim countries will always remain in the middle ages.

    The Infidel

  2. It’s science-*non*-fiction, a blessing in the midst of the earth. Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t point out examples. I especially miss the military research, which really kicks a**

  3. Good on them!

    It cannot be denied that Jews have always contributed to mankind, particularly in the arts, humanities and science! Good works live on regardless of time and history. This may be due to their mindset and the fact that they are survivors as opposed to victims. Mature souls , so to speak!

  4. whilst i support israel over the openly nasty and twisted islam, it is worth remembering that the islamic superstition is little different from the superstition of the jews and, in places, no less intollerant.
    the major difference is that the vast majority of jews have modernised and will happily intergrate with their host nation, unlike most muslims, who seek isolation and their own brand of aparthied.

  5. Muslims Attack Churches in France


    France: ‘Suburbs becoming Muslim land’, says journalist

    Adler said the violence in the banlieues can’t be explained only as social problems, and that it’s due to the Muslim doctrine that wherever Islam spreads is Muslim land. The banlieues can be compared to the Muslim areas of India, which eventually seceded and became Pakistan and Bangladesh.


    French people were evicted from Algeria, Morocco etc, so why should Muslims be allowed to live in France?

  6. With one hand, the Muslims will take and use Jewish technology and innovation to improve the quality of their lives and with the other hand scream, ‘Death to the Jews!’.

  7. Bravo to the plucky Israeli people! We Congolese will steer clear of Isreal and head to the Muslims areas to eat the muslims with some Thai Chilli Sauce. The heart of this new Congofication movement is that of eating the Muslims. By Allah they taste Akbar (great!) I am sure everyone will be glad that Congolese Cannibals have joined the counter-jihad. I hope you will make us feel welcome. We will talk to the German and Russian Cannibals on the Cannibalslonline website. If they can be signed up we are going to literally eat the Jihad.

  8. Steady on Congofication Movement. I am from the Congo and I have tried cannibalism only once. I ate a muslim. I would do it again. Should we not draw the line on cannibalism in general but accept Cannibalism only against Muslims?

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