Fury at mayor’s drag queen ban

Something tells me that this story is still concealing something a lot more insidious. For example, that perhaps the mayor of this area is trying to destroy free-speech and other essential and genuine human rights because it offends his notion of Islam etc.

This is London:


The mayor of Tower Hamlets has been accused of homophobia for trying to stop a gay pub running its popular “drag queen” strip nights.

Staff at the White Swan claim Lutfur Rahman, an ally of Ken Livingstone, is “making a mockery” of diversity.

Tower Hamlets council is threatening to classify the pub as a sex establishment and use laws regulating lap-dancing clubs to ban the Wednesday night comic contests, which have run for 26 years.

Michael Barrymore came out at one of the shows in 1995 and fans include Graham Norton and Sir Ian McKellen.

Barry Kirk, 59, the pub’s joint-owner, said: “Wednesday is our only busy week night. If they kill our Wednesday nights, we’ll be threatened with closure.”

A petition to save the night has attracted 800 signatures.

Manager Liam Bushell said: “I’ve worked here for 26 years, it’s part of my life. We’ve never had a complaint.”

Daryl Stafford, a DJ at the pub, said the shows were nothing like lap dancing and added: “This is discriminatory and it makes my blood boil. You have to ask why they would want to stop something which is perfectly harmless. There’s nothing sexual about it.”

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7 Replies to “Fury at mayor’s drag queen ban”

  1. I agree with that EDL buck. The issue of two leftist positions fighting it out is also the case here. On ones side we have the leftist darlings of the world the Muslims and on the other side the gays. Both have got things going for them. Gays tend to be white (though there is that funny gay black comedian – can not remember his name just now) and muslims tend to be immigrants with the odd white retard roped in. Who will win in this contest? The gays have some of the best names in entertainment. My favourite comedian for example and the muslims have the death to America chant. Both have the media on their side. Which way will the media swing or will it remain silent. Gays VS Muslims. Now that is a headline.

  2. What a sharia Geek this unnecessary mayor of Tower Hamlets really is!

    Whatever one views on sexual orientation maybe but this is only a small part of the wider problem. There are parts of East London which are more like the Tower of Babel but with such a menacing air! At times, it is so easy to forget that this is London, East London! Without a word of exaggeration; that place is slowly but surely going under!

  3. Here’s the photo of the muslim councillor who got this law passed (she’s up for an award for it): http://www.london24.com/news/education/tower_hamlets_councillor_rania_khan_up_for_award_after_fighting_against_sex_and_lap_dancing_clubs_1_1212984

    By the way, the photo you have of The White Swan is incorrect. It is a much bigger venue, is built like a fortress, and is set back from the main road by about 30 metres. One cannot just walk into it either – there is a solid door with a tiny glass window, where the doorman inspects anyone wanting entry before admitting them. The gay pubs which are directly on roads have almost all closed down in Tower Hamlets – more often than not because of attacks by muslim gangs on individuals or on the pub itself.

    Drinking alcohol in public in Tower Hamlets is also banned: http://www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/news/east_end_life/24_january/street_boozing_crackdown.aspx – it has been banned in the three busiest social areas of the borough. The article above claims that it is only in those areas that such bans are enforced, but last summer in the middle of the day there was a “community festival” in a public park — and all alcohol was banned from that park that day.

    It is creeping sharia. And this in an area that 150 years ago was famous for its pubs, prostitutes and opium dens. Apart from the muslim gangs all over the borough taking and selling drugs (it’s not haram, see), the east end of London is unrecognisable from even 50 years ago.

  4. Islamonausia
    the comic your thinking of is Steven K Amos (too left wing for me personally). And as to who will win the contest (or fight for freedom) is up to us mate. My guess is that the media ,MSM, will keep schtum on this one.
    I used to go to Bethnal green alot with my Mum to pick up Dad in the 1970s as two car families back then were unheard of.Even in the late 80s the place was majority indiginous, before the white flight.
    When do you want to fight back?

  5. Mr. Buck. You would find I have been fighting back for quite some time. I have agreement on the problem from 90% of my family and friends. The other 10% will not talk about it any more (despite them leaving a muslim ghetto because of attacks on them and their family). If we had an electoral system in the UK that allowed PR, we would have had and equivalent to Wilders’ PVV a long time ago. The corrupt politicians in the UK who brought this conflict to us are hard to displace. Especially when MI5 has the BNP working for them.

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