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3 Replies to “Charles Adler on the Ottawa mosqueterias”

  1. The big question is Canada a nation of laws or a nation of people, if this policy remains intake they are a nation of people with on fixed rights or rules.

  2. Clearly, the schools are also in need of principals who are not blinded by the PC/MC agenda and who possess common sense, integrity and a grasp of the truth and the facts.

    The public needs to take more care when they elect school board officials. I see school boards absolutely overrun by the liberal left, cultural marxists and cowards. We need people with some of the above characteristics in charge of the education of our children.

  3. Further to above:

    And most importantly we need parents who monitor closely what their children are being taught and what the school board & principal do or don’t do. That is your duty, to be on guard for Canada and to protect the future rights & freedoms of your children.

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