More infiltration and US appeasement and surrender

From The Investigative Project on Terrorism:

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4 Replies to “More infiltration and US appeasement and surrender”

  1. What can stop this? How do we wake up the brain dead appeasers? How is the government cleansed of the infiltrators? How do we make sure Obama doesn’t get another 4 years which would completely ruin the country?
    As long as Hussein is in office this will only get worse, you can’t succeed with a traitor in a position of power.
    I’m sick of reading this lunacy on a daily basis. What has so blinded the masses from such an obvious truth? I can’t find the words to express my disgust and despair.
    Will this have to come down to a civil war?

  2. once this kind of thing gets into government it is hard to change. It doesn’t matter whom the next few presidents are unless there is a general public change of thought

    To change the public’s opinion of Islam they will need to see more horror at home

  3. Unfortunately this is happening all around the world, the left laid the groundwork for this by establishing political correctness and the fear of being called racist, now we are in a war of survival and are afraid to call the enemy by their correct names.

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