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14 Replies to “British ‘Nationalists’ protest outside court against muslim rape-gang epidemic in England”

  1. Are they really laughing? Watch them around the middle of the vid. It’s jumpy but it sure looks like they’re laughing at the hecklers.

  2. The cowardly politicians do nothing, the judiciary do nothing, the police do nothing, so it looks like it’s down to the people.

  3. Softly Bob: Fjordman wrote back in 2008 that “The only good news is that I sense that native Britons are getting angrier by the day, and will not go quietly into the night.”

    Well, they are certainly not going quietly into the night! VOX POPULI VOX DEI!

  4. British Freedom has made an excellent point on FB that the Socialist UAF protested in SUPPORT of these disgusting pedo filth.

    Says all you need to know about the UAF.


    If the UAF wants to help pedohile rapists than THE PEDO LOVING UAF it shall forever be.

  5. There was a similar problem in Sydney in the last decade. The chief perpetrators are serving up to 50 year jail sentences. Me, I’d execute them…

  6. When are the British Police going to join the True Brits (The British People) against this infestation. The politicians are pussyfooting about until this really bangs off. Remember Hitler – it took him a while?

  7. the british need to make this a voting issue.
    not an election issue, because the politicians almost always renege on their election “promises”.
    we should vote according to prior record.
    this would mean that none of the main parties would be re-elected.

  8. Excellent. A historical note. I remember back decades ago that any peadophile would have met with a hostile reception from family, friends, and the public and this would appear on the news. But I bet this will not make the national news. It should do but do not bank on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

  9. A lot of those demonstrators were members and supporters of the BNP I’m glad to say. The BNP and the EDL have been trying to bring this problem to the public attention for years and some members of these two organisations have been banged up for their trouble from time to time.
    The trouble is that there is a political conspiracy between the politicians the press and the police to keep this nationwide and worldwide problem from the gaze of the public. Not a word of this case has been published in the mass media even though there were 47 defendants (all Islamic) involved.
    The UAF, of which our P.M. David Cameron was a founder were nowhere in sight, but somebody recognised that two of these anti-democratic paedo supporters were amongst the 47 defendants.
    How can a nation put things right when they are deliberately being lied to and kept in the dark about the true nature of what is going on? And yet people still keep voting for these traitorous liars who masquerade as politicians with the pretence of having the welfare of their nation in mind.
    But make no mistake, this problem is not just confined to the UK but is widespread throughout the Western world. For the benefit of the people who don’t believe that, it’s only because they do not realise that they themselves are being kept in the dark by their own rulers.

  10. If this is not sorted out within the next ten years then I pity the muslim population if these lads get their hands on them.Lets hope it doesnt come to that but in the end what goes around comes around.

  11. They form gangs, they identify vulnerable young girls aged under 16. They groom them, give them alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. They sexually abuse them, they pass them around their friends, they assault them, they hurt them, they torture them, they harrass them, they degrade them, they make them feel guilty and afraid.

    They kill them.

    These are our daughters, our sisters, our grandchildren.

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