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3 Replies to “Afghan women self immolate as the lesser suffering compared to treatment of women under sharia Afghanistan”

  1. Raising awareness of the plight of the women under Islam was not the specific purpose of the post-9/11 Western military operations, but to me the greatest tragedy in our decisions to end the campaigns is the abandonment of these poor, poor women with no voice, no rights and no hope. Thank you Western feminists, Code Pink and the like, thanks for nothing.

  2. Self immoliation? I think not. It is absolutely NOT a coincedence that successful suicides in that region use the exact same methods as unsuccessful homicides.

    On a positive note Afganistan does have female police who deal with these matters.

  3. Very disturbing. I have no respect for Islam, none at all. I agree with the sentiments of Dallas above. We should not abandon these defenceless women. What after all does the West stand for if not for defence of those who cannot defend themselves…

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