The Grand Lie and West Point

Political Islam:

Recently the West Point Military Academy denied retired LTG Jerry Boykin, a candid speaker about Islam, a chance to be at a prayer breakfast at West Point. The usual suspects not only didn’t want any discussion that might involve Islam, they didn’t even want someone who had spoken about it in the past.

U.S. Army doctrine “instructs Army leaders to respect [emphasis added] the Muslim culture as a part of counterinsurgency operations,” VoteVets said in a letter to West Point Superintendent Lieutenant General David Huntoon. Boykin’s past remarks “threaten our relationship with Muslims around the world, and thereby, our troops serving in harm’s way,” said VoteVets, which represents veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is not the first time that our military has rejected someone who knows about the doctrine and history of Islam from speaking. The first causality was Steve Coughlin in 2008 under George Bush. Steve is an expert on Sharia and Islamic war doctrine who worked at the Pentagon. He was terminated after a complaint by a Muslim.

For an illustration of the “know nothing about Islam” doctrine see General Stanley McChrystal’s Afghanistan war strategy that made no mention of Islamic war doctrine.

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