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6 Replies to “Telegraph thinks Anjem Choudary may not be quite the buffoon so many think he is”

  1. Of course he should be taken seriously, he is about the only honest jihadist in the west, he dares to say in english what the mad mulla’s in the middle east are saying in arabic, farsi etc. Consider him like hitler, he said his plans openly and honestly, those who write him off are like Chamberlain, they try and tell us that he really doesn’t mean it. Write him off at the risk of your neck detaching from your body.

  2. appeasement will start another brutal war, more a civil war than world war, just as it did the last one.

    i stll can’t help thinking that choudary is more paisley than hitler though.

  3. I really do not understand why people have kept joking about him, thus minimizing the incredible threat people like him represents to the west f. ex. here in this video: http://tundratabloids.com/2011/11/anclam-chowdarys-mac-regrouped-under-different-name-plans-demo-in-early-december.html

    It’s an incredibly irresponsible behavior from some people who make jokes about something as deadly serious as Islam. The west should get rid of this stupid habit, Mohammed caricatures included, and address everything with the seriousness it requires… no more dutch islalalalalalaaam shows, no more caricatures, but a SERIOUS and direct approach. Otherwise the laugh will freeze on the faces of westerners if muslims get along with their plan to establish the caliphate and the united umma.

  4. The distinction between moderate or radical Muslims is
    meaningless for all practical purposes. It is the number that counts. Once Muslims
    are a near majority, they will declare it to be a Muslim area, and enforce
    sharia, either illegally if they don’t have the numbers across the nation, or legally
    if they do. In either case, the distinction between the radicals and moderates
    is meaningless.

    Its not the terror Jihad that poses an existential threat to the UK and the West as a whole but the demographic one.

    This is going to lead to a civil war as I’ve been pointing out for atleast 10 years. A civil war that is going to make Bosnia look like a garden party.

  5. Sadly, if we learn from history, it is not the lesson we hoped they would learn about appeasment the last time around that we learn. In reality, the perfect storm of weak leaders, appeasment, and very blatantly dangerous foes has come together again. History is telling us what we did not want to hear. People keep saying, the lessons of history, the lessons of history…It is happening again because when you get these factors, that’s what happens. Somebody has to have the courage to step up.

  6. @ Bilbo, ok let me slightly refrase for your benifit.

    Goring was a buffoon, just about everyone said so, on both sides mind you. he commanded the luftwaffa during the Battle of Briton, do you think he was harmless?
    Like goring, chowdary is a dangerous, dangerous man who should be taken at his word, buffoonish or not.

    I would also suggest that you look a bit deeper at the people who are actualy behind him, he sits there sprooks, but his version of the “brown shirts” do the actual dirty work, thus giving him a certain “distance” and “plausable deniability”, because at the time he was in “such and such a place” so couldn’t have anything to do with “whatever violence is caused by his words”.

    Hope this helps clarify the point I was trying to make.

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