In case anyone still believes in “anthropogenic global warming”

So much more hard science and revelations of deception in the leftist, ‘crypto-enviornmentalist’ camps that I could spend all my time just blogging that. In fact, when I started this site I intended to make that a main focus as well as Islam. But I figure at this point anyone who still buys into that is more an ideologue, essentially has global-warming as a religion and so not much point in arguing with them. But now and again, I feel its worth posting some of the smoking guns exposing the facts behind climate. Mainly the sun. In fact, the best thing for anyone actually interested in the subject to do, is to watch the documentary about the Danish climatologist who discovered the connection between the sunspot cycle, cosmic rays, and terrestrial climate.


John Robson on the new report from the Met Office and the U of East Anglia

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  1. thought you might find this video interesting:

    La-Fleur Mohamed, a Muslim for the past 12 years, says a Chevronemployee humiliated her by barring her from a gas station because she wouldn’t remove her head scarf.

    “You can’t come in here dressed like that,” Mohamed said the clerk told her inside a station store west of Boca Raton in October. The clerk allegedly tossed Mohamed’s gas money back at her and instructed her to leave.

    Mohamed, 39, a Boca Raton married mother of four, has since been receiving assistance from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group with chapters nationwide.

    At a press conference in Pembroke Pines on Wednesday, she and the group demanded that Chevron officials admit that religious discrimination occurred. And they want Chevron to start additional training companywide so that such violations don’t happen again.

  2. I do not believe anyone actualy “believed” that to begin with, it was a theory thrown out there to be grabbed and used as a political scare tool to increase govt control of the masses.

    Rule of thumb, if it causes to the govt to vie for more control of the daily lives of people, its a lie/scare tactic/propaganda tool.

    Example, we know smoking kills, yet its never been banned. Yet we know global warming is bunkum, yet we are having legislation rammed down our throats by the watermelons. If a politition opens his/her mouth garantee that nothing but lies will be issued thereafter.

  3. Please do not stop your reminders. I happen to live in a town full of people who are numb to all but the MSM–not so much ideological as apathetic–and they believe that Global Warming is supported by “established science. Everyone says so.”

  4. Global warming and science dont work like politics. Just because some loon from green piece of shit or Al Gore takes up the flag and says we’ll all be dead tomorrow doesnt mean its made up. The science is actually systems science, which is more trend and probability based than a simple “its true” or “its false”. I have a back ground in science as an engineer, and often read the peer-reviewed articles themselves. The scientists are on to something and there is a definite trend between CO2 and temperature.

    But, the assertion that it does not exist is just as improbable as the assertion that we’ll all be baked to a crisp tomorrow. Instead its in the middle somewhere. Long term, slow shifts towards a warmer climate, with associated changes such as increased desert bands, ice melt, shifting of rain-fall patterns, etc. This has been known for a long time. Now its just a matter of answering how much, when, and what will it ultimately do and impact.

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