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6 Replies to “Stunning testimony on Quebec TV by a survivor of an attempted honour killing.”

  1. Honour killings, attempted honour killings and all that jazz. Do we need one or two cases, a dozen cases, a hundred cases or a thousand cases? Just how many cases does it take before we all wake up? We are getting there, slowly but surely.
    This is one more example. It’s sick and it’s stupid, but it’s one more nail in the coffin of Islam, the worst mental illness on planet Earth. Let there be no safe quarter for honour murderers, let there be no more excuses for this barbarity. When will people realise that Islam is the biggest evil in the World?

  2. softly bob i wish i was as positive in your view things were getting better slowly. the longer we leave it the less chance for change as islamistd pick up political allegancies. they will just blame someone else-the jews, lack of work, bad women. muslims are pathalogical liars as was big mo. i do not see things getting better. i am still called a racist and i know poeple do not talk to me because i am vocal about the religion of death. i really hope i am wrong but i will keep up my hate speech about islam because i hate them and make no apologises for it.

  3. If this woman ever returned to her homeland they would murder her without a second thought. In fact; if they knew she survived the attempt on her life they would go looking for her.

    What makes the crime so different to the every day variety is that it increases the status of the perps within his community. This can have a special appeal to the inadequate males who are very often motivated by the stimulating buzz arising from the attention received as a result of the crime! The Strongman complex!

    The West would do well to understand that this mindset is not just a threat to their own women, but to all women everywhere and then to society as a whole! This mindset does not belong in the West or in any part of the civilized world and has no purpose other than that of fodder for the criminal justice system!

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