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4 Replies to “Some videos on Iran, its relationships, and the assassination of a nuclear scientist”

  1. The fact that Iranian nuclear scientists are being killed proves that either the US or Israel has very real inteligence that Iran really are trying to make nuclear weapons, it’s not just propoganda. It’s not a pleasant argument but a solid one.

    The killing of these scientists is an attempt to PREVENT war. If Iran loses the capacity to develop nuclear weapons this way, Europe and America won’t have to use military action to stop it.

    Unfortunately it’s only a stop gap measure. When another generation of competant Iranian nuclear scientists develops the problem will arise again.

  2. Well reasoned and the salient parts are certainly true. But my money is on MEK for the attacks. The only people the Iranian regime (IRI) is actually scared of, are the Mujahadeen e Kalk. A 100% local Iranian fighting force. They are more likely to be doing this attacks, especially given the video that shows up afterwards with overlays of TV clips of the Iranian leadership, than the Israelis or Americans.

  3. Eyore. Do you think that the Mujahadeen e Kalk are doing this because they think the Iranian regime might actually use a nuclear weapon against their own citizens?

    If you aren’t suggesting it then somebody should. It is the only way they could make use of a nuclear weapon without suffering immediate international military reprocusions. And we have seen for decades that they don’t care if their own citizens live or die be they protestors or collateral damage. During the Iran-Iraq war they used kids as suicide bombers.

    Ya it’s unheard of but so was invading an American embassy before these guys got in charge.

  4. Launching a nuke at Israel or the US or GB would be using one on their own people. The regime, as you point out, has stated clearly that any true believer that dies in a return strike goes to the sky-brothel that is Muslim heaven while the people they kill go to Muslim hell, the fictitious place Mohamed took great pains in describing when he dictated his revelations to his vicious followers.

    MEK wants to destroy this regime. If allowed to form one themselves, it would likely be as bad as this one, but for the moment, they are the only ones capable of doing the kinds of acts of sabotage we have seen in the past year and I am confident that the IRI knows it. Blaming Israel and the West is just useful for them although, it is ‘The boy who cried Jew’ at this point.

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