Quebec mayor and talk show host has interesting Facebook profile photos

Not too long ago, I was sent a number of photos of Quebec mayor and TV gadfly, Stephane Gendron. I elected not to post them at that time as I find Facebook highly convoluted and confusing and it is hard to do due-dillegence for me. That is to say, I find it difficult to figure out what someone has posted or someone else has created and posted that appears on someone else’s page etc.

Frankly, I find Facebook abhorrent. So I didn’t post them. Blazing Cat fur however is much more capable of navigating it than I, and posted these images, which the public indeed really should see.

As I am let to understand, these images are on his public Facebook page, so no breach of privacy is taking place here.

Please click over to BCF to see what this particular influential Quebec man, a mayor and TV talk show regular thinks makes good social networking photos.


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  1. I can’t believe the Roman Catholics in PQ would let this dude get elected. I presume there are still some RCs in PQ…I’m south of the border, so I don’t have personal knowledge of what’s going on there. Either way, Huntingdon needs an exorcism, big time!

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