Islam means failure, it means rape, it means women are not human

I’ve just come across this short video in which an Iranian woman describes her experience with Islam. Having watched it I don’t feel fit to comment. She should speak for herself.

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  1. Jesus Christ, the sickness that is Islam knows no bounds. Some will try to defend that disgusting religion saying that it is not representative of true Islam, however its founder was nothing more than a war mongering paedophile so what do you expect?

    As for me I’m pissed off that Australian troops in Afghanistan are constrained in what they can do – from my perspective no Taliban should be taken prisoner – all should be executed on the spot. Wae with Iran is inevitable.

  2. Check out the website called, ‘Let them fight or bring them home’. It is by a very interesting fellow who discusses basically one thing. The insane rules of engagement that the U.S. has to follow in Afghanistan. Suicidal. And they have to treat the Taliban the way U.S. police are supposed to treat criminal suspects. It is worse than that actually.

    I have interviewed him before and it is up on Vlad somewhere, but I should do another one and see what, if anything, has changed.

  3. Shall do Eeyore. Thanks. At least Aussie SAS are only bound to take unarmed Taliban prisoner. They shoot all armed combatant Talib’s on site and are most effective:)

    However from here on all policing and patrolling should be handled by the Afghan authorites. Our Western forces should garrison fire support bases and air bases – segregated from what is an alien population. We should only provide support in the form of fire support / hot insertion or air strikes when called in by the Afghan authorities. This would be most effective and prevent cheap casualties to our forces caused by roadside bombs etc….

  4. Islam is like any other totalatarian system only infinitely worse. There is nothing much that can be done with the women beating mullahs, or the the talabini be they in Afghanistan or elsewhere. They were taken a long time ago to some place in their minds where there is no hope of return to humanity.

    Leave them work the cause of their maledy out for themselves! To do otherwise, runs the risk of ending up worse than them. Touched! To use Einstein reasoning: Not all problems can be solved at the same level of consciousness in which they arose, they can only be outgrown!

  5. She is a brave woman, this cult is barbaric hope more of the stories come out. We cant expect anything better from the religion of blood and gore.

  6. The worst I can think of about this story is that most of our ‘brave’ feminists in Canada have absolutely no guts in denouncing this atrocity. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  7. Oh yeah man, I remember this. I saved that video because I wasn’t for sure youtube would allow it to stay on. When she said ‘i saw maggots’ I wanted to vomit.

    and yes @ramjetejmar – feminists remain SILENT – stupid bitches. Canada is horrible anyway on freedom of speech and even journalists don’t have freedom of the press there, they can be banned from journalism FOREVER if something they write is offensive or ‘racist’ (cause dangnabit – they still don’t understand the difference between a religion and race)

  8. FYI, the maggots may have saved her life, they eat only dead flesh and thus prevent gangrene from infecting the wound, the unsanitary conditions during the American Civil War had a shockingly low rate of gangrene thanks to the maggots that lived in the wounds.

  9. Why aren’t there more female suicide bombers? Forget paradise, they’re already in hell.
    There’s an article about Anat Berko’s experience with would-be suicide bombers, specifically the motivations of women & children. Yes, they’ve all been profoundly, systematically damaged.

    “Lt. Colonel discusses motivations of women and children suicide bombers,” by Joseph Hawthorne.

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