Australia’s 60 minutes does stunningly deceptive, unsubstantiated piece on the EDL and Tommy Robinson

This ‘documentary’ shows Tommy, describes him as ‘far right wing’, as a ‘racist thug’ etc. without showing one iota of actual evidence of any of those claims. Then, somewhat to their credit, interview some Australian Muslims that do spout open hate and sedition but do not describe him as ‘far right wing’ or racist etc. even though he supplied all the necessary evidence for it.

What is wrong with the media now? In order to broadcast any footage of defense of classical and liberal civilization and democracy you have to demonize it? Tommy should sue.

Go to 9 minutes 15 seconds of this video and listen to the question. There is no way Tommy was asked this and responded the way he is portrayed here. Notice that the camera moves away from the interviewer during the question. This is what is called, ‘a re-ask’ in videography. You ask the question again after the fact and edit it in. But of course one is ethically bound to ask the same question. This needs investigation.

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4 Replies to “Australia’s 60 minutes does stunningly deceptive, unsubstantiated piece on the EDL and Tommy Robinson”

  1. I am from Luton, England. News is going around the grapevine that EDL leader Tommy Robinson was assaulted by a group of “Asians” while travelling from Luton to Bedford. Apparently he has multiple fractures.

    May or may not be related but news reported today in the local paper that a planned “super” mosque in Luton was rejected by Luton Council after EDL campaigned against it:

  2. It appears our political elite are displaying level 3 defence mechanisms or neurotisism. Rationalization, reaction formation, regression, displacement, itellectualization, it all appear to be present and not surprising when you consider the logical consequences of their actions.

  3. This video should scare everyone who sees it, as far as the young woman who says multiculturalism works, she is either lying to help the Islamic conquest, or she needs to take off the blinders and learn the facts.

    I agree, the question was changed after the interview was over, unfortunately most of the people watching the interview won’t realize this. Even when they are showing the facts of Islam they have to demonize the people who are leading the resistance.

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