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3 Replies to “German Sesame St. doing Dawa to German children?”

  1. My daughters school had a visit to the mosque.All the children had to wear a head cover and the girls had to wear trousers.After a lengthy discussion (arguement) with my wife and ten yr daughter, my daughter was not allowed to attend.I showed my daughter parts of the koran and teachings by Mawdudi ,pertaining to woman. I suggest that others in such a situation do the same.It is comman for many muslim families to prevent their children from attending christian or jewish lessons taught in school in order not to influence their children.( I know this as a fact)It is about time people show that this works both ways. Understanding another persons point of view has to work both ways.
    I like womans faces and hair and legs and eyes,and a woman should beable to show herself in public without putting herself in danger of harrassment or rape.If not then I’m afraid, that society, is not a fair or civilised society

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