Some things are too stupid to post…

But when those stupid people and their stupid beliefs are in positions of genuine influence, then its better to know what they say then not see it coming. Much like a piano rolling down a hill at you. Its absurd but better to know its there.

At the same time, this is a kind of explanation as to why Muslims think women should cover their faces. Koran says something about, ‘women should hide that which Allah has hidden’. Well as women are born naked I figure that means anything goes. But in the minds of some Muslim religious leaders…

here is the link to the google translation

Here is the link to the original squiggly.


But I half agree with him. There are faces that should be hidden for the reasons they claim. I call them,

Bearded Clams

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  1. I won’t say their women are pretty. Some are, most are ugly. However, their male bearded counterparts are all absolutely hideous. 1400 years of inbreeding has certainly taken it’s toll. It’s those fugly bastards that should be covered up in garbage sacks instead.

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