Arrests made as drones demonstration turns violent at U.S. Embassy

    First posted: Friday, 2 December, 2011 – 11:06
Last updated: Friday, 2 December, 2011 – 13:55

This material from this site:

A demonstration organised by Muslim group United Ummah, formerly Muslims Against Crusades (M.A.C), is taking place outside the U.S. Embassy today between 12 and 2pm.

Police are expecting between 200 and 300 protesters.

Also, separate to the main demo, one main is holding a 6 day vigil for Pakistan soldiers killed by NATO forces.

As the protest continued, more and more police were in attendance.

@KatyBlottr tweeted;

Dozens more police arrive. Demo only approx 20 people. Police in the hundreds #usembassy #blottr

KatyBlottr Katy Blottr

By 1:00pm the number of protesters had increased with small groups of protesters dotted around the square.

Shortly after, the police surrounded the main demo with reportedly hundreds more police around.

@KatyBlottr recorded this video;

(There are more pictures at this link where all the above came from, including a great photo of a bearded-clam being taken by the police.)

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3 Replies to “Arrests made as drones demonstration turns violent at U.S. Embassy”

  1. Couple days the police arrest hundred something EDL members in pub drinking beer because the police thought that they was ready create problems,….the muslims ( 20 ), was creating real a problem and nobody did simple nothing,…this is on more sample with who our european goverments and politicians have links. The are all receiving money for hands of South Arabia, to give them the open doors of europe to islamization. More and more, we the people most be toghether support the nacionalist parties, the only ones that can prevent our genocideo……….

  2. very simple, let’s boycott the muslims, don’t give work for them, don’t buy nothing from them, don’t use taxis drive by muslims, don’t rent house to a muslims, simple don’t talk with the muslims, ……….be part in all manf against muslims, against any sharia law that is or will implement, ………….boycott, boycott,..

  3. Carry On Droning up the Khyber.

    We also need to show the drones in action on every blogsite, as Weasel Zippers does. Why? Because the temperature has to be raised high enough for the 5th columnists to come from under stones.

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