Gunmen spray Afghan woman with acid after refusing marriage

Check out the ‘journalism’ (read, the propaganda of the leftist narrative for Islam) in this CNN post. They use every adjective for the attackers they could except, ‘terrorist’ or ‘Muslim’.

There is only one reason a man would spray 3 women with disfiguring painful acid because her family turned down his marriage request.

Because it wasn’t, nor is it ever a request. The question part of a proposal is a mere formality in Islam. If a woman, or even a proxy for a woman refuses then she must be shown what happens to women who attempt to act as humans capable of agency in an Islamic land. Just like the honor killings grown more and more common in the west with the ascendancy of Islam, covering it up by calling them, ‘Gunmen’, ‘militants’, or ‘insurgents’ does far far more harm than good. Call it what it is. Islamic terrorism and supremacy.

From CNN via the Blaze


From Masoud Popalzai, CNN
December 2, 2011 — Updated 0710 GMT (1510 HKT)
An Afghan family of five were sprayed with acid when the father rejected a man's offer to marry his teenage daughter.
An Afghan family of five were sprayed with acid when the father rejected a man’s offer to marry his teenage daughter.

  • The gunmen break into their home and attack the teenager
  • Her sisters and parents are also attacked
  • The teenager is in intensive care and her father is still hospitalized

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Gunmen attacked and sprayed an Afghan family with acid in their home after the father rejected a man’s bid to marry his teenage daughter, authorities said Thursday.

The gunmen broke into their home and attacked the 18-year-old daughter, her two sisters and their parents, according to authorities in Kunduz province.

All five received medical treatment, with the mother and two daughters later discharged, medical officials said.

The teenager is in intensive care and her father is still hospitalized, said Abdul Shokoor Rahimi, a doctor at the provincial hospital.

The attack came on the heels of her family’s refusal to marry off the teen to another local gunman.

A month ago, a gunman tried to marry the teenager, but her family turned him down and instead got her engaged to a relative, said Nadera Geya, head of women’s affairs in the province.

“A few nights back, a group of armed men … poured acid over her, on her two young sisters and her parents after beating up her father,” Geya said.

The whole family was brought to the hospital Monday, local hospital officials said.

A search is under way for the attackers, who fled the area afterward.

Acid is becoming a famous tool for militants and gunmen in the area. Three years ago, insurgents in motorbikes sprayed acid on at least 15 school girls in southern Kandahar province.

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4 Replies to “Gunmen spray Afghan woman with acid after refusing marriage”

  1. Eeyore

    Would it be Politically Incorrect of I stated the man who did this atrocity should have his genitals immersed in an acid bath.

    And if ever there was a reason that Muslims, particularly Muslim women, should leave Islam, this is it.

  2. Being politically incorrect is neither a reason to, nor a reason not to, say a thing. Political correctness is a device to force us to destroy our own liberties. We can only defeat it by ignoring it altogether.
    This story does make one wonder though. Perhaps you can take men out of an Islamic land… but you can’t….

  3. So um how is this part of the religioun called Islam ? We have a man (lets assume he is muslim) attacking a muslim family because they rejected his proposal and somehow islam is behind it ? So islams says that if you get rejected htne you are to murder your fellow muslims ? If that’s case then islam will simply eradicate itself, since something like 95% of all victims of islamic violence are muslims. I mean we can blame Islam, but this is not one of those cases. Yeah I know I am being politically incorrect for saying this on this site. But it’s the truth.

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