Why has the EU banned the film on women’s rights in Afghanistan?

Exactly what deal and with who, is the one the European union made that allows them to forbid the showing of a privately made and frankly, very important film on women’s rights in Afghanistan today. Today, not under the Taliban. But now under Karzai. There is so much wrong here it’s hard to know where to start. Please spread this link to all you can, and download and re-upload this video to your own youtube channels and live leak or whatever. Perhaps with enough pressure we can get the EU to allow this film before they get too too comfortable banning private opinion.

Snaphanen.dk has found some more information on this for us.

EU officials said they would block its release as they did not want to upset “relations with the justice institutions” in Afghanistan

it was a bizarre position for an international delegation publicly committed to improving women’s rights.

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6 Replies to “Why has the EU banned the film on women’s rights in Afghanistan?”

  1. Who allowed this documentary to be filmed will also be in trouble.
    Yes the women in this film will be in trouble

    We in the West have lost our authority in so many respects financially, image wise etc
    so how can we help these women?

    Can we mandate Hamid Karzi to stop this horrid treatment of women?
    Can we over time through TV programs change a backward culture?
    Can we request every woman in that jail be brought to the West?
    What is the answer to this situation for which these women will be real in trouble
    Can we all write letters to Hamid K requesting these women’s lives be safe?
    What can we do now that these women’s lives have been placed in jeopardy?

    Or are these women doing this with the knowledge that they may be sacrificial lambs without a viable purpose.

  2. I saw this before.

    I was concerned that they were worried for Gulnaz that she wouldn’t get her “freedom” to get out of jail and marry the rapist (which I hope is a plot to make an even grander excape but don’t really know).

  3. One wonders why the EU bother to bans the clip. Most of us already know of the fate of women in places like Afghanistan. Unfortunately; there is nothing much that can be done. They have to work out the source of their own malaise or be left to their own, ultimate and inevitable, self destruction. The West needs to upgrade it own moral compass and save itself from all harm and other such destructive forces.

  4. Taliban or Karzai,woman still remain and will be treated as trash.Pay and you will have succes.Nothing more nothing less time will not move forward here in this backward country.

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