Jewish Woman Murdered in Flatbush

This appears to be an antisemetic attack. Hence its reportage here. Not because the victim of a crime, even a murder, happens to be Jewish. The motive may well have been her Jewish identity. This sentence is what caught my attention:

“The murder comes on the heels of anti-Semitic riots and vandalism in New York, which has set Jewish communities in the Five Towns on edge.”

I was not aware of any of that.

From Israel National News:

A Jewish woman was murdered on a sidewalk in Flatbush late Tuesday, leaving communities rocked by anti-Semitic riots and vandalism on edge

By Gavriel Queenann

First Publish: 11/15/2011, 11:09 PM

A Jewish woman was murdered in Flatbush early Tuesday morning, Yeshiva World News reported.

Witnesses reported hearing the victim scream for help, and seeing a man running away from her and jumping into a van. The weapon was reported to be a knife or razor blade.

The stabbing happened just after 1:00AM on Tuesday morning on Homecrest Avenue and Avenue U. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was reported dead.


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10 Replies to “Jewish Woman Murdered in Flatbush”

  1. “The murder comes on the heels of anti-Semitic riots and vandalism in New York”.

    Um, what antisemetic riot? I live in NY and there hasen’t been any news of any antisemetic riots.

    There were cars torched and of course it was muslims. And I personally experienced foul behavior from an arab shit bag because he thought I was jewish so this shit is definatly in NYC but I haven’t heard of any antisemetic rioting in New York.

  2. In Europe there have been several cases documented at where a muslim (usually a gang) will try to determine if someone is jewish or homosexual and then attack them.

    If he ran to a van it was premeditated. He was obviously looking for a jewish woman to stab.

    I can personally attest that arabs are looking for jews to hassle in New York. This is just like in Nazi Germany where gangs of brownshirts walked around cities looking for jews to beat up and rape.

  3. articles a bit over the top, there were no riots, there was one night where a few cars were burned and swastikas were painted or sprayed on park benches, it was on the anniv of kristallnacht, so the culprits were anybodys guess, this is a heavily russian Jewish area, i don’t think the victim was killed because of her being jewish, perhaps a prior dispute.

  4. @ truthiocity, yes there have been a large influx of muslims into that area,specifically pakistanis, i highly doubt they would start any of that in Brooklyn though, especially in Southern Brooklyn, while the American Jewish community in NY is relatively docile, the russians are a different story.

  5. I live in NY as well and heard about the kristallnacht incident and lots of reports of anti-semitism at OWS. There are periodic reports of swastikas painted in various NY places throughout each year. I had been thinking about the absence of problems in NY and thought it might be because there are a higher concentration of Jews in this area(thinking the muslims did not dare to try it here on a large scale). Frankly, I was surprised the OWS people got away with it, because the libs would not stand for racial or anti-gay signs. Maybe by allowing the anti-semitic behavior at OWS, the islamonazis are emboldened. Upside is they might get flushed out into the open.

  6. Yes, they did “go big” on 9-11 and tried a few other times, but individuals are staying under the radar. We don’t see them until they do something. If they think the climate is more favorable to them, they will show themselves. Information in NY is controlled by the MSM and the Left. OWS is so filthy and criminal, even the MSM is moving on. The public needs to see islam for what it is.

  7. Yes the public needs to see Islam for what it is.

    The Kristalnacht incidents should have been national news and wasn’t! It is scary that a large scale anti-Semitic incident and vandalism isn’t considered news worthy.

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